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  Contaflex II

The Contaflex II was manufactured by Zeiss Ikon from approximately 1954 to 1958. This 35mm single lens reflex camera was constructed with a metal body covered in leather with chrome trim. It was fitted with a Zeiss Tessar f2.8 45mm coated lens. It featured stops from f2.8 to f22 with focus from 3ft to infinity, a prismatic eye-level through-the-lens finder combined with a split prism rangefinder, and automatic diaphragm. The Lens closes to pre-set f/stop when the shutter is snapped. The film advance was coupled to the shutter to prevent double exposures. A synchro-compur shutter had nine speeds ranging from 1 to 1.500th part of a second, plus bulb. It was synchronized for flash using an Ikoblitz flash unit with No. 5 and 25 bulbs at all speeds.

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