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  Contaflex IV

Photo Courtesy of Wish-4-Leica - © All Rights Reserved

The Contaflex IV was manufactured by Zeiss Ikon AG of Dresden, Germany from 1957 to 1959. This 35mm single lens reflex camera was similar to the Contaflex III, with the addition of an exposure meter. The camera was constructed of a metal body covered in leather with a satin chrome trim. It featured interchangeable lens elements, including telephoto and wide angle. . Additional features included an eye-level through-the-lens prism view finder to see the image as the finished picture. It was fitted with a Zeiss Tessar four element f2.8 50mm lens with helical focusing. Stops from f2.8 through f22. It was set in a Synchro-compur shutter with ten speeds ranging from 1 to 1/500th part of a second, plus bulb. flash synchronized at all speeds using the Ikoblitz flash unit. The Contaflex IV was originally priced at $199.00

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