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  Contaflex Super (New Style)

Photo Courtesy of Wish-4-Leica - © All Rights Reserved

The Contaflex Super referred to as the new style or second version was manufactured by Zeiss Ikon AG of Dresden, Germany from 1962 to 1967. It was completely restyled from the first version of the Contaflex super. It is easily distinguishable by the larger exposure meter window with bold lettering of "Zeiss Ikon". This 35mm single lens reflex camera was constructed of metal covered in leather with the exposed metal parts finished in chrome. It did not have the exposure control wheel on the front of the camera, and did not have automatic exposure control. The camera speed lever winds film, cocks shutter and advances exposure counter. It was fitted with a Zeiss Tessar f 2.8 50mm coated lens and the shutter was a synchro-compur X shutter providing speeds up to 1/500th part of a second, including self-timer. The Contaflex Super new style carried Zeiss number 10.1262.

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