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  Albini Company

In 1896 the Albini Company was founded in Niguarda, a district of Milan, Italy. The company initially focused on the manufacture of portable box cameras. Later they made compact folding cameras, all geared for the amateur market.

In 1905, the company was acquired by Ganzini & Namias. Mario Ganzini was a businessman of photographic material and chemistry Professor Rodolfo Namias, was one of the most influential voices of Italian photography. Professor Rodolfo Namias was also the founder of the magazine "Il Progresso Photo" in 1894.

By 1910 the Albini catalog consisted of over twenty models. All the cameras carried the name "Alba", followed by an identification number or by a number and a letter when it comes to different versions of the same model.

In approximately 1924 production halted.

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