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  Panon Camera Shoko Co.

The Panon Camera Shoko Company of Japan was founded by Nakayama Shozo in 1952 who began making the Panon wide angle camera for 120 roll film. In 1958 the company introduced the Widelux which used 35mm film. At this time the production of the Panon Wide angle camera stopped. Several models were introduced for the Widelux camera.

Coincident with the production end of the Panon Wide angle camera, a company called the Panox Company Limited began selling the Panon camera design labeled "Panox". The Panox Co. also marketed a panoramic camera called the Panopic with little success. It is uncertain of the relationship of the Panon and Panox companies.

In 1987 the Panon Camera company re-introduced a camera for 120 roll film, the Widelux 1500, however a fire ended its production around 1995. By 2005 the company ceased all operations.

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Panon Wide Angle Camera

Panox Wide Angle Camera

Widelux F6, F6B, F7, F8, FI, FV, FVI

Widelux 1500

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