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  Tri-Vision Stereo Camera ( late version )

Photo Courtesy of John Kratz - © Some Rights Reserved

The Tri-Vision Stereo Camera was manufactured by the Haneel Company. An early version was made in circa 1946 and this later version in 1948. Each production run lasting about 2 years. The later version has an aluminum band across the middle and an aluminum back. Like the early version this camera was constructed of molded plastic and aluminum with a built-in view finder. It was capable of taking six 28 x 30 mm exposure pairs on Bantam 828 roll film. It was fitted with a pair of fixed focus meniscus f8 lens described as Lista-Lite color corrected hard coated lenses. It featured three stops, f8, f11 and f16, and a dual synchro-shutters providing a single speed of 1/80th of a second. By this time pricing deteriorated and the Tri-Vision Stereo Camera was selling for around $13. 50 when it was originally introduced it was priced at $29.99.

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