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C.O.M.I. Luxia Camera Listing

THE C.O.M.I. or 'Costruzioni ottico-meccaniche Italiane' company was founded in 1949 in the famous Italian city of Rome. The Luxia camera was introduced at that time with advertising stating it to be "The smallest and most elegant camera in the world... small enough to fit inside a pack of cigarettes". The first camera made was the Luxia, with the name Luxia engraved on the top above the viewfinder and with very elongated characters on the front above the initials C.O.M.I., however it was almost immediately replaced by the model signed Luxia II. The camera was distinctively styled with chrome or gold plating on exposed metal and covered in various colors of lizard skin. The camera was not a success and production of Luxia cameras ended after a few years.

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Luxia II (black covering)

Luxia II (colored covering)

Luxia II (gold metal finish)

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