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  A.F.I.O.M. Camera Listing

The A.F.I.O.M. company was located in Pordenone, Italy. Like many mechanical companies after the world war II, A.F.I.O.M. revived their production capability and began to produce cameras. In the early 1950s they introduced the Wega and the Wega IIa, Leica copies. The marketing of the cameras was entrusted to the wholesaler Bonacina with offices in Milan and Udine. The cameras were eventually re-labled or produced by another camera manufacturer, Domenico Chinaglia, who was located close bye in Belluno, a town not far from Pordenone. It is unknown if A.F.I.O.M. sold its camera line, went out of business or merged with the Chinaglia company. However at some point the cameras were remarked CD in the diamond logo in place of A.F.I.O.M..

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Wega IIa

Wega IIIa


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