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  Goldammer Camera Listing

Goldammer Lichttechnik was founded in Frankfurt, Germany by Gerhard Goldammer in the 1920s. In the 1950s the company moved outside Frankfurt to Mühlheim-am-Main and became known as a manufacturer of inexpensive cameras. All of the Goldeck cameras were of the 6x6cm size using 120 roll film which used the same construction and parts with the only differences between the models offered was with the lens and shutter combination. In addition, The company also manufactured cameras for 16mm and 35mm roll film. The company maintained camera production up into the 1960s.

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Goldammer Camera Listing


Golda (version 1)

Golda (version 2)

Goldeck I

Goldeck II

Goldeck III

Goldeck IV

Goldeck V

Goldeck VI

Goldeck 16 (version 1)

Goldeck 16 (version 2)



Gugo (black)

Gugo (richard)


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