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  Herold Manufacturing Company - Camera Listing

The Herold Manufacturing company was formed in 1951 by Harold Rubin who purchased the Spartus company from Chicago businessman Jack Galter and changed the name to Herold. Harold Rubin at the time was working as the head of sales in the Spartus company which likely enabled the sale to him. The renamed company sold many Spratus cameras relabeled with the Herold company name. The company also produced razors and clocks which was a longer popular line for the company than the cameras. Of note is that the Spartus company evolved out of the Utility Manufacturing company. So the companies name started as Utility, then changed to Spartus, then changed to Herold and then finally in approximately 1960 the Herold Mfg. Co. changed the name back to Spartus Corporation.

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Herold Camera Listing


Da-Brite (version 1)

Da-Brite (version 2)

Flash Master

Herold "40"

Photo Master


Sparta Fold V

Spartus 35

Spartus 35F, Model 400

Spartus 120 Flash

Spartus Co-Flash

Sunbeam 120

Sunbeam 127

Sunbeam Six-Twenty

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