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  Amalgamated Photographic Materials Co. ( APM ) Camera Listing

In 1921, due to sharp competition and a desire to leverage the combined strengths of manufacturing and sales to pursue foreign and domestic trade, seven prominent British photographic and optical companies merged to form the Amalgamated Photographic Materials company (APM). The merger included the Rotary Photographic Co. Ltd, Paget Prize Plates Co. Ltd, Rajar Ltd, Marion & Co. Ltd, Marion & Foulger Ltd, A. Kershaw & Son Ltd and Kershaw Optical Co. Ltd. then later in the year of 1921, the firm took a leading shareholder position in Thornton-Pickard Manufacturing Co to combine the seven companies. The company was capitalized with £1,100,000 (approximately $4,400,000) with a 10 percent stake being offered to the public. In early 1929 the APM company split off the photographic product lines of Marion, Paget and Rajar divisions into a new entity called APeM Ltd (Amalgamated Photographic Equipment Manufacturers). Shortly after this rebranding, the APeM company was sold to the Ilford company.

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APM Altrex


APM Beltrex

APM Celtrex

APM Feltrex

APM Focal Plane Model A & B

APM Focal Plane Model De Luxe

APM Folding Plate Camera

APM Folding Plate Camera Model Deluxe

APM Laltrex

Rajar No.6

APM Reflex

Soho Box

Soho Junior Box

Soho Studio Camera

Soho Reflex

Vest Pocket (early)

Vest Pocket

Vest Pocket De Luxe

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