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  R. A. Goldmann Fabrik photographischer Apparate Co. - History and Camera Listing

In 1854 Anton Goldmann, who owned a cabinet-making shop for fine furniture was approached by Ludwig Angerer who requested Anton build his first camera. Ludwig Angerer was the first court appointed photographer of Emperor Franz Joseph I and who founded the first photo studio in Vienna.

With the photography field booming, Anton Goldmann founded the firm of A. Goldmann Fabrik Photographischer Apparate in 1858. It was located at Theresianumgasse 31 Vienna, Austria but the increasing number of orders required the business to move to Victorgasse 14, in 1863, where it remained for years and was remodeled in 1905. Through the turn of the century the company continued to be a maker of high quality cameras and was also possibly a distributor of photographic supplies and other makers apparatus.

From 1891 the establishment was run by the founder's son, RA Goldmann, who was focused on innovations and advances in photographic technology. The company continued to expand and their precision workshop created the first camera to take a picture of the back of the eye by Dr. Dimmers and photoprespectographs and balloon apparatus for Austrian pioneer of aero-cartography captain Theodor Scheimpflug, in addition to making devices for Petzal and others.

Anton Goldmann died on may 30, 1904.

In 1917, R.A. Goldmann merged with Hrdliczka, a large photo dealer-distributor in Austria and with Langer who made photo paper and chemicals. The result was "Herlango," which created its name using a syllable from each of the founders. In addition to the Goldman Cameras Herlango sold other makers cameras with their stamp on them. Many Herlango patents remain with the Goldmann family to this day. The name Goldmann is closely connected to the development and history of photography in Austria.

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