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  Newburyport News Camera

Photo Courtesy of Ake Borgstrom - © All Rights Reserved

The Newburyport News Camera was made by the Eastern Specialty Mfg. Co. of Boston in Circa 1899. It was produced for a number of newspapers in the New England area as a premium item and was referred to as the '20th Century Camera'. The company also created a similar camera called the Springfield Union Camera. It was made as a heavy gauge cardboard box covered with a leather grained paper, with a solid wood block rotating inside, each face holding a piece of film or card stock. This block is held in place by a sliding box front end that holds the lens and lens cap. There is no shutter. The camera dimensions are 4 1/4"x4"x 10 1/4", and it can produce four - 2" diameter round pictures with the wood block fully loaded.

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