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  Binoca Picture Binocular Camera

The Binoca Picture Binocular camera was manufacted by Binoca Company of Japan in circa 1950. A very unique sub-miniature camera that doubles as a 2.5x zoom opera glasses with individually focusing eyepiece lenses. The body is constructed of hard plastic with gold colored fittings. It is capable of capturing 10x14 mm exposures on special 16mm perforated film cassettes. The camera is fitted with a fixed focus f 4.5/ 40mm Bicon lens and a shutter providing speeds of 1/25 to 1/100 of a second. The top of the cassette is engraved with the text, "Listen for two clicks for each exposure" at which time the film has wound on to the next frame. The Binoca was made various colors including white, blue, green, grey and red.

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