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  Cornex Rollfilm Camera by R. J. Beck

The Cornex Rollfilm Camera was manufactured by the R. J. Beck company in circa 1910. Designed as a rugged camera able to withstand the tropics and wear. Constructed of machined mahogany, wood and metal base-board and assembled with screws to maintain fit. covered in leather with leather handle and nickelled and frosted hardware fittings. The lens is Beck Symmetrical and matched with a Baush & Lomb Shutter for instantaneous, time or bulb with rotating stops. Features included a rising front, a large and strong rotating cornex stationary finder, a daylight spool system for film loading and film advance. This camera was also available with other lens-shutter options including Isostigmar f5.8 or f7.7 lens or Celverex or Unicum shutters. Originally base priced at £2 19s 6d.

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