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Perfex Fifty-Five

The Perfex Fifty-Five was manufactured by the Candid Camera Corporation of America company from 1940 to 1947. The Fifty-Five camera body was constructed of die cast aluminum and covered in black leather, with chrome metal trim. Capable of accepting standard 35mm roll film, with Either 18 or 36 exposure count. It featured coupled "long base" rangefinder with automatic focusing in 1940 and was phased out by 1946. It came fitted with a new Wollensak Velostigmat coated f3.5 or f2.8 lens. Other features included a built-in flash synchonizer, interchangeable lens and a built-in extinction type" exposure meter, an accurate cloth focal plane shutter providing speeds for 1/25 to 1/500th of a second, and a GRAF Perfex Anastigmat f3.5 lens. Priced at $44.50 or the F3.5 lens and %59.50 for the f2.8 lens.

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