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Historic Camera Collector Club

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How is the site linked and what are the major areas? Answer: The site has the Main page as a launch page providing links to the major information repositories. The leading information resources are History Librarium, Web links, Club info, Gallery, Members Area, and the Messageboard as illustrated by the flow diagram below (as of Feb 2012) :

2. How do you upload Reference info to the History Librarium? Answer : It is easy as adding a message to the messageboard. You will need to be a member and already logged in before starting this process. Browse our History librarium and find a datasheet that relates to a picture or document that you would like to share, then click on the “Add Pict or PDF“ button located on the top left hand of the page.

A new page will come up that will allow you to create a reference page. Enter the data as appropriate. Then upload your picture or document from your computer by clicking on the browse button. The first picture is used to display the icon. So if you upload a document it would work better if you also upload a picture to represent it. Uploads that are not in the right format will not be loaded and end up blank.

Wait until upload(s) complete and you will be automatically redirected to a success page and then on to your member control panel. Your new entry will be listed on top with an icon of your first image. There will also be multiple links, for you to see or modify your entry.  The first selection is to view the reference page, the second is to view the main datasheet page that will have a new Icon on the left hand side under reference info, some info will be provided that you have entered and then you will have links for you to make additional modifications or to delete the page.

3. What if there does not already exist a Data Sheet to attach reference info to and I want to upload for future inclusion into the Librarium Database? Answer : Submitting images to the database can be made even if a public datasheet does not currently exist in the librarium. Simpley add a new entry via your member control [panel under the Reference tab, then click on “Add New Entry” text link in green.. The same entry form will come up indicating that it is linking to nothing. The admin will create an new databse entry for your items submitted and link them for you.

4. I am not computer savy can I just send info to be added to the Librarium Database? Answer: Yes, just email the information to the admin@historiccamera.com .

5. How do you upload images in the messageboard? Aswer : To upload an image select the tab on the bottom part of the input screen that says " Upload Attachment ", then select the image on your computer but clicking the "Browze" button, and finally and most important you need to click the square button called " Add the file". By hitting preview it will allow you to see that the attachment is part of your message. once you click "Submit" your message, your photo(s) will be included. I hope this helps. See the attached image. Let me know if you have any other questions.

6. How can I resize an image or create an Avatar for the messageboard? Answer : Historic Camera has created a launch page for shrinkpictures.com, so that you can create your own avatar or Resize an image easily. Click to http://historiccamera.com/resizepicts.html .

- Avatars can be up to 100 x 100 pixels in size.
- Posted Pictures are recommended to be appoximately 800 pixels wide

To add an avatar to the message board after you log on, go to the "User Control Panel" in the upper right hand of the screen > then select "Profile" in the menu> then select edit Avatar and > browse to find picture and click submit.