1898 Folmer-Schwing Circuit #10 camera

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1898 Folmer-Schwing Circuit #10 camera

Postby NE_Johnson » Thu Feb 16, 2012 3:42 pm

The following collection is the work of NE 'Ned' Johnson, My great uncle. This is only a small piece of his total work. The rest is lost to time and attrition. I have to do it, but I have no choice....Selling everything.... This collection will not be cheap, but it will be VERY reasonable... inspect and make an offer.

800 ORIGINAL prints by NE Johnson photographer 1901 - 1931, Gold Rush in California Sierras, Nevada, Arizona, and Wyoming.
Nevada - Rawhide
Seven Troughs
Indian Springs
Las Vegas
Silver Peak
Round Mountain
Hoover Dam Site images

California - Death Valley "Scotty's Castle" construction
Keene Mine
Lucky Boy
1906 earthquake in San Francisco and San Jose

Arizona - Kingman
Tom Reed Mine
Kathrine Mine

Wyoming - Cody
Greybull (Greybull boys shipping-out 1915)

150 feet of 25mm motion film, no idea where it was shot
15 panoramic prints, excellent condition
27 panoramic negatives
150 un-printed negatives

1 - Kodak Primo # 10, #9, #8, #6, #2, #1, #0 (No lenses)
2 - Mahogany tripods

Now selling my panoramic cameras with many to choose from, such as...

Rochester Circuit cameras
#5, #6, #8 ( one in 'as new' condition), #10, many parts, including extra magazines

Rochester-Eastman Circuit #8 camera with red leather case and red leather bellows.... Sweet~!
above excellent condition and in shoot-able condition now

3 - Folmer-Schwing #8 circuit cameras Kits

Century Circuit cameras
1 - #6
3 - #9
3 - #10,
many parts, including extra magazines

Kodak Circuit Cameras
2 - #5
1 - #6
3 - #8,
2 - #10
many parts, including extra magazines

Kodak 'Panaram-kodak'
10 - 3A, many parts
One in red leather (beautiful), Like jewlery
4 - 4A, many parts

Unidentified Circuit cameras
6 - one is poor, one is good, two are excellent, All black leather

1911 Graflex 5 x 7 very good condition

1898 (TWO) "Universal" 35mm motion picture camera (crank)

1901 "Universal Camera Company of America", Non-wrapped 'wooden box' 35mm motion picture camera (crank) Operational condition

1903 "Motion Picture Apparatus Company of America", 35mm motion picture camera (crank)

Eastman 'Stereo-flex' Stereo camera, mint conditions, Mahogany and brass with scratch fee lenses
Numerous sets of legs, planataries, gears and gear sets, cases, for Kodak/Rochester/Folmer-Schwing circuit cameras
MUCH, much, more.... inquire~!

Many panoramic prints..... 8" x 48"
Gold Rush in California, Nevada, Arizona, and Wyoming.

FULL panoramic darkroom/printing system, with/4 new rolls of 10" T-100 film in boxes, 3+ rolls of 10" sensitized paper, 2 rolls of 8" sensitized paper.

Much more.....

Contact "NE Johnson Image Collection" at 541-347-3213 Oregon

Offer for the whole thing....!?!

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Re: 1898 Folmer-Schwing Circuit #10 camera

Postby photom » Tue Jul 31, 2012 3:37 pm

I collect vintage panoramic photos but as yet do not have a Cirkut camera. I would like to purchase a No. 16 Cirkut
or a No. 10 in excellent condition with all lenses, gears, cases, etc.
Katy, Texas
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Re: 1898 Folmer-Schwing Circuit #10 camera

Postby tom » Thu Nov 07, 2013 6:03 am


It would help if you can provide some example photos of the cameras and images. Do you have images of ned himself. There is not much info on NE Johnson. What value are you placing on the collection? More information would help. Are you willing to break up the set and sell the cameras individually?

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Re: 1898 Folmer-Schwing Circuit #10 camera

Postby esoto » Tue May 12, 2015 5:11 pm

I would buy the
Eastman 'Stereo-flex'
email me price
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