Antique camera for sale

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Antique camera for sale

Postby HarryG » Sat Apr 18, 2015 11:15 pm

Antique Camera for sale.
Was found at my landlady while clearing the house after her husband died.
We both dont know about details and sell for best offer
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Re: Antique camera for sale

Postby filmuzer » Sat Jun 20, 2015 11:46 am

It looks like a Speed Graphic-type 4x5 inch camera with a Polaroid back and a cut film holder. The lens looks pretty old. Can't really tell you much about it unless you tell us what is written on the body of the camera and on the lens. Depending on the condition of the equipment, it might be worth a few bucks. Enough so it is woth looking into further, perhaps.
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Re: Antique camera for sale

Postby Admin010 » Mon Jul 10, 2017 8:27 pm

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