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  Henry T. Anthony

On September 18th, 1814 Henry T. Anthony was born. At age 14 he entered Columbia college and graduated with honors in 1832.

He selected civil engineering as his vocation and one of his early engagements was on the first survey of the Erie railroad. He also spent some time on Croton Aqueduct as did his brother Edward. Then after a short duration of fulfilling a clerkship at the Bank of New York he returned to civil engineering to work on the Hudson River railroad and upon completion of that effort returned to his old position at the bank.

In 1839 Henry became fascinated with the announcement of photography and pursued learning the new art as an amateur photographer, along with his brother Edward who was also enthusiastic about it.

In 1842 Edward Anthony decided to take up photography as a business. He started out in Washington DC in a borrowed room but soon moved to take up a larger Daguerreotype gallery in New York.

In 1852 Henry quit his bank position to join his brother Edward in his photography business. Henry was in charge of the manufacturing department. The new firm at this time also took on two silent partners for financing, most likely due to Henry's connection with the Bank. Henry was thoroughly devoted to his work and from his familiarity with chemistry and physics he was able to improve on the practical use of colloidal and paper printing processes.

Anthony�s first publishing venture was a small sheet, the 1855 Bulletin of Photographic Invention and Improvement.

in 1855 the firm felt the need for a more efficient vehicle of communication with photographers and so it decided to publish, the Annual Bulletin of Photographic Invention and Improvement. Henry had editorial supervision over this publication. This publication continued to 1870 when it was replaced with Anthony's Photographic Bulletin which was produced monthly with approximately 30 pages of information and this publication continued until 1901. in 1902 the bulletin was combined with �The Photographic Times� and was published under the new title: �Photographic Times Bulletin�. This lasted until 1916 .

In 1884 Henry T. Anthony died.

Ref: The British Journal of Photography September 26, 1884.

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