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  Bicycle Folding Cyclone No. 1 & 2

The Bicycle Folding Cyclone No. 1 & 2 cameras were sold by the Western Camera Manufacturing Company in circa 1898. The No. 1 was capable of taking 4 x 5 inch sized exposures and the No. 2 took 5 x 7 inch exposures. The camera construction was the same between the two cameras. They were constructed of the finest mahogany and covered with fine quality black grain morocco leather with the metal parts nickel plated and highly finished. It was fitted with a T.R. Anastigmat lens or symmetrical wide angle lens. features included a rear ground glass focusing with spring actuated hooded cover, a rising and falling front, a reversible finder, rack and pinion adjustment, a focusing scale, and two tripod sockets. The No. 1 was priced at 42.50 with Anastigmat lens and $52.00 for the No. 2. This was a high price in 1898.

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