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  Peter Voinescu, Romanian Photographic Artist

Peter Voinescu was born August 01, 1921 in the town of Iveshti 60 km north from city Galatsi in Romania.

In 1936, at the age of 15 Peter bought his first camera. An inexpensive 2 1/4 x 2 1/4 twin lens reflex camera.

In 1940 he was accepted as a member of the Fotografi Amatori Romani (F.A.R. ), a Romanian Photography Association which was later abolished by the communist regime.

In 1943, at the time of WWII it was his turn to go through military training as did very youth in Romania. He fought in WWII for his country even though the Russians forced a government on it. He was also a military photo reporter during his service.

In 1950, Peter was jailed due to his protest against the Communist regime imposed in his country. He was sentenced to two years, however he was jailed for three and only the death of Stalin allowed for his release in March 1953.

In 1957-58 Peter joined a group of photographer who were establishing a new Photo Association, named A.A.F.R. (Asociatia Artistilor Fotografi Romani). Peter was very active in photography. He participated in many International Photo Salons, for which he received from FIAP, first the title AFIAP and secondly EFIAP. He taught photography, he participated in some Salon juries and was honored from several Photo Clubs or Associations with other distinctions.

In 1960, Peter was hired by a Romanian advertising company, as an artist photographer.

In 1973 Peter left Romania, leaving behind a monstrous communist system imposed by the Russian government and emigrated in the U.S.A. where he worked as a manager to Dugal Project Inc., a Photo Company in N.Y.

In 1986 Peter retired at the age of 65.

In his eighties, Peter wrote a book entitled ' Statue to a Photographer ', and gave or donated the thousand copies to friends and associates. By this time he had finished authoring about 70 short novels, some stories, fables, and cartoons each printed in 5-10 issues for relatives and friends.

Peter's photographic work is remembered here as a tribute to a dedicated and accomplished Art Photographer. His work has been published in many books and periodicals. He started out in early youth using a twin lens reflex camera and throughout his life and photographic career, he worked many cameras, like the fabulous Italian made Galletti, the German made Altuca, Exa, Altissa and Rolleiflex, and his favorite the Czechoslovakian Flexart twin lens camera. Peter instructs us, that an artist, painter, sculptor, or a photographer is always looking around him, to discover something interesting, maybe a tree, a face, a street, a corner, a building, even some clouds formation in the sky, a flower, a landscape, something which could be a subject. The photographer must have a camera permanently handy, ready to shot. If it something valuable, he will decide later. In his 90s Peter was still going strong and has stated to the Historic Camera friends " Now, I believe I did enough, and I must rest. Rest... in peace ! "

Note: A gallery of Peters photographs is in work and will be available shortly. (HC admin)


Notes from Peter Voinescu, June 2011
Association of Romanian Art Photographers

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