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  George F. Green Pneumatic Shutter Inventor

Inventor George F. Green was born in 1830. He made significant contributions to society throughout his life.

In approximately 1868 he invented the first dental engine or as it was called "Green's pneumatic Drill". It operated by a rotating fan wheel at the top the standard, supplied with air from a foot bellows at the base. The drill was very noisy and was soon superseded with the Morrison engine.

Around 1874 - 1875, George Green built the first full sized electric rail car ever operated from a stationary source of electric energy which was capable of carrying passengers. Mr. Green filed a patent for his electric railway in 1879 defining one side of the track to be a positive conductor of the source of energy and the other the negative, such that a motor carried on the car can be suppled with electricity. The patent was initially rejected by the patent office. However, Mr. Green took his case to the supreme court and the court overruled the Patent office. A second patent was filed in May of 1886 which described a method of motor control. It was not until after his death that the patent office issued his patents.

In May of 1886, Mr. Green submitted US patent number 342,693 outlining his "photographic Shutter". This was the first documented pneumatic shutter invented. It operated on a wing shutter design that would actuate upon forcing air through a hand operated air pressure bulb. The patent outlines the goal of perfectly controlling the opening and closing through a piston-cylinder. He submitted an improvement in 1887 with US patent 362,111.

George F. Green died June, 1892 at the age of sixty while residing in Kalamazoo, Michigan.

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