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  Evan D. Evans

Born in 1856 in Whales, England, Evan D. Evans at the age of twelve came to America with his parents and settled down in Scranton, Pennsylvania. By the age of eighteen, Mr. Evans began to serve as an apprentice in his brother's photographic gallery. Later on he held responsible positions as operator in some of the leading galleries until he finally opened his own gallery in Corning, N. Y..

In approximately 1881 after building up a lucrative business, a devastating fire destroyed his gallery in Corning. Mr. Evans then relocated to Ithaca New York, to what was referred to as the Bernstein block on 74 and 76 East State street. There he opened the "Evans University Art Gallery" becoming the official photographer for College class books and other college publications. Here he achieved renowned success for his portraiture work of the many thousands of students who camera from around the country to study at Cornell University. He mastered many techniques including the striking and unique candle-light effects, that were greatly admired by many.

While living in Ithaca Mr. Evans built and owned one of the finest summer hotels and grounds in Central N. Y., called the Glenwood Hotel. It was situated four miles from Ithaca, on the shores of Cayuga, the " Queen of the Lakes." It was there that he would stay with his wife, daughter and two sons through the dull summer months.

In 1908 Mr. Evans moved to Erie Pennsylvania to live at Mrs. Margret Kennedy's residence. Eight years later at 4:30pm January 14th Mr. Evan D. Evans died of heart disease and pneumonia at the age of sixty. He was buried in Ithaca. Evan D. Evans has left a legacy with his thousands of portraiture and is remembered as the "College Photographer".

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