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  Sportshot Senior Twenty

The Sportshot Senior Twenty was manufactured by the Australasian Camera Manufacturers Australia (ACMA) company of Sydney (NSW), from approximately 1848 to 1955. Designed with an art deco styled with a trapezoidal shape and made of bakelite. The camera comprised two parts, the camera bottom contained the film chamber and shutter assembly, and a flat snap-on lid containing the metal frame finder and the film advance knob. The camera was capable of capturing 6 x 9 cm exposures on 120 or 620 film. The camera is fitted with a Lentar 13.3cm f/3.5 simple meniscus lens.
The outside measures 14 cm by 10 cm by 10 cm and weighs 380 grams. It was made in various colors including black, red, brown, and green. It was originally priced at £36 6s.

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