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  Multi-Speed Shutter Company

The Multi-Speed Shutter Company was established in the circa 1908 by Gustav Dietz and located at Morris Park (Curtis Ave and Garden), Long Island. The firm initially designed and patented shutter mechanisms with amazing speeds of up to 1/2000 of a second, bettering focal plane shutters. The main product was the High Speed followed by the Junior shutter, later professional shutter models and variations were available. In 1912 the company entered into the camera manufacturing business and enlarged their factory at Morris Park and relocated their New York office. The New York office relocated several times during the companies existence. The Multi-Speed Shutter Company began manufacturing the simplex camera, and then the Precision camera. Both cameras provided cutting edge technology. In 1914 The Multi-Speed Shutter Co. merged with several other interests to form the Simplex Photo Products company. The company emerged with 40 distinct products and chose to name all their products under the trade name of "Simplex". The company continued into the 1920s.

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Multispeed Precision Camera

Simplex Camera

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