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  Percy Lund

Born in 1864 (or 1863, according to some sources) in Bradford, England, Percy Lund was the second child of Joseph and Maria Terry Lund. His father was a prosperous bookseller and publisher, and along with his brother Charles published the Lund's Directory of Bradford in 1856. Lund enjoyed a privileged childhood, blessed with the finest education and his family's business and political contacts. His interest in photography began with his involvement in the Leeds Naturalist Club. In February 1882, the members who were amateur photographers signed a resolution to restart the Leeds Photographic Society. The following year, 20-year-old Percy Lund and two other young photography enthusiasts Henry Snowden Ward and H. J. Riley began publishing The Practical Naturalist. However, by the end of the year, they ceased publication due to the heavy workload. However, in January 1884, Mr. Lund opened his own business - Percy Lund & Co. - and began publishing and editing The Naturalist World and Scientific Record, which lasted for four years. By his 21st birthday, the budding entrepreneur had also purchased The Ilkley Free Press newspaper. His old friend Henry Snowden Ward joined his company shortly thereafter, and the duo would collaborate on several photographic publishing projects over the next decade. After his father's sudden death in December 1886, Mr. Lund sold the newspaper and moved his company to St. Johns Street in Bradford.

With locations in Bradford and London, Percy Lund and Company became powerful publishers of books and periodicals (including The Junior Photographer and The Practical Photographer magazines), and began manufacturing photographic equipment, including the St. John's Camera and retouching knives. He also published The Photographer's World, the only monthly trade journal for professional photographers, and promoted the ambitious project by sending more than 5,000 free copies to photographers and photographic suppliers worldwide. Mr. Lund was a master marketer, promoting his business at every opportunity, which included strategic book advertising and organizing photographic competitions. In 1892, Mr. Lund married Annie field, daughter of Bradford Master Printer Martin Field. In 1896, he entered into a limited partnership with Edward Walter Humphries, and the business was renamed Percy Lund, Humphries & Co. Ltd. The photographic materials department was sold to Richard James Appleton. Along with overseeing his thriving business, Mr. Lund also edited Naturalists' World and The Practical Photographer (under the pseudonym Matthew Surface).

As photographic studio business declined, Mr. Lund focused primarily upon book publishing and editing, most notably the Popular Photographic Series and Lund's Library of Photography. He became a member of the Royal Photographic Society, was named President of the Bradford Photographic Society in 1899, and also served as President of the Yorkshire Photographic Union from 1899 until 1903. He also became a vocal critic of political squabbling among professional photographers, which he believed compromised pictorial creativity. Mr. Lund expanded his business interests internationally, with agents in Philadelphia, Australia, and India. He became a popular lecturer on photography, magic lantern slides, and other non-photography topics including outdoor sports, Christian mysticism, and vegetarianism. His health began to deteriorate, and on February 26, 1943, 79-year-old Percy Lund died at his home in Bradford.

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