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  Erac Mercury I Pistol Camera

The Erac Mercury I Pistol Camera was manufactured by the E.R.A.C. Selling Co. Ltd. of London England in circa 1938. The camera was patented in 1931. It is an unusual shaped Bakelite camera that resembles a hand gun. It was advertised as "ERAC - The camera which is always ready, the only real snapshot camera in the world, no film winding, just pull the trigger, the camera does the rest". The camera consisted of an exterior Bakelite body which housed a small Merlin camera inside. The Merlin camera was capable of capturing 18x18mm frames on sub-miniature camera film. The Erac's trigger enabled both the shutter and the film advancement. It was fitted with a fixed-focus f/16 lens. Various names have accompanied this camera including ERAC Automatic Pistol Camera, the Coviland Steward ERAC, and the ERAC Merlin.

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