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  C.P. Stirn's Concealed Vest Camera

Stirn's Concealed vest pocket camera was introduced in October 1886 and continued to about 1892. It consisted of a fine nickel plated or oxidized apparatus six inches round that carried 1 plate for 6 sharp instantaneous photos measuring 1 3/4 inch diameter. The package came with six plates and carrying case for taking 36 pictures. The camera was designed to be carried under a coat, invisible to the eye, with only the lens exposed. The black walnut carrying case could also be used for tripod mounting for taking time exposures. The camera came in two sizes. Size no. 1, weighing 1 lb., was the original 6 inch diameter camera which sold for $10 in 1889. Size no. 2, weighing 1 3/4 lb., was a larger version being 7 inch diameter camera which took 2 1/2 inch diameter photos which can be used for magic lantern images and sold for $15 in 1889. Ads claim that 13,000 were sold in two years, 15,000 in three years and 18,000 in 4 years. All sold by the sole agents, Stirn and Lyon of New York, and Rudolph Stirn in Berlin, Germany.

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