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  ROTO Camera Company (Italy)

The RO-TO or simply ROTO company was founded by Giovanni Ropolo in the mid 1930s. It was located in Torino Italy. The name is believed to be derived from the first two letters of his last name RO combined with the city of Torino TO in which the company resided, thus representing Ropolo-Torino or RO-TO. The company marketed photographic goods and sold a variety of cameras that were made locally by small businesses for RO-TO, including the Alpha Photo of Piacenza. In 1970 ROTO merged into the CIDAF (Italian Consortium Distributors News Photo-cine-radio) which was formed in Milan by a group of 16 distributors operating in various Italian regions including Bancolini of Bologna, Bigagli Florence, Genoa Crovetto, Pecchioli and Ropolo Turin and Palermo Randazzo.

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Ardita camera

Elvo camera

Invicta camera

Juve camera

Nea Fotos camera

Riber Lys camera

Simbi A.C.2

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