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  The Platinotype Company

In 1879 The Platinotype company was established to exploit the photographic process invention of Mr. William Willis' patents of 1873 and 1878. The first commercial Platinotype papers were offered for sale in 1880. Mr. Willis won a gold medal for process at the Invention's exhibition of 1885. The company went to great lengths to keep the secret for making platinotype photographic paper, always keeping it contained within in the company. In 1911 the Platinotype Company marketed fifteen types of Platinotype papers, while Eastman Kodak marketed eleven. A factory was established at 66 Beckenham Road, Penge, and the Company’s sales office at 29 Southampton Row, High Holborn, London. Then in approximately 1901 it transferred to 22 Bloomsbury Street. The Platinotype paper became very popular and it was advertised that Captain Abney, G. Davison, F. Hollyer, R, Keene and many other Scientific and Artistic photographers were users of the Platinotype paper.

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