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  Calypso Camera by Spirotechnique

The Calypso Phot camera was distributed by Spirotechnique in Levallois-Perret, France in circa 1960. It was manufactured by the Atoms company from an idea conceived by the marine explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau and designed by Jean de Wouters. The camera was capable of withstanding pressure from dives down to 200 feet.

It was the first self contained, commercially produced, camera designed for Underwater photography. No external casing was required for use. The camera was capable of capturing 24x36mm exposures on standard 35mm film. The body is constructed of a cast alloy and covered with a simulated seal skin. The design allowed for interchangeable lenses and was fitted with with a French Berthiot Angulor f3.3 28mm lens, Berthiot Angulor f3.5 35mm or a Angenieux f2.8 45mm lens. The first 1960 model featured a shutter with speeds from 1/30 to 1/1000th of a second and the second 1961 model 1/15 to 1/500th of a second. Nikon bought the design and the Calypso evolved into the successful Nikonos Camera.

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