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  G. Gennert Photographic Apparatus Product List

The Gennert Brothers Photo Supply company was founded in 1856 at Maiden Lane, New York. This was one of the first photo supply houses in America, and they became famous for their daguerreotype mats, cases and other supplies. The two brothers came to America from ... (read more)

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Brighton Field Camera, c1896
Compact Double Extension Cycle Montauk c1899
Eaton Camera, c1901
Cycle Montauk, Style I, c1899
Cycle Montauk, Style II A c1898
Folding Montauk, Original Model, c1895
Folding Montauk, Style I, c1898
Folding Montauk, Style II. A c1898
Folding Montauk, Style III c1898
Golf Montauk, c1898
Long Focus Cycle Montauk c1898
Long Focus Reversible Back Montauk, c1899
Montauk, Box Camera c1890
Montauk, Junior Camera c1890
Nancy Hanks Camera, c1901
New York View Camera, c1906
Outing View Camera, c1901
Oxford View Camera c1896
Penny Picture camera c1890
Stereo Montauk c1898
Twin Lens Montauk c1899

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