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  Wollensak Optical Company

Wollensak is one of the longest surviving Rochester companies that started in the late 1800 and did not get absorbed by the many mergers and buyouts that marked the turn of the century. See the "Early American Company Life Summary" record in the Librarium. The company is known for its long surviving line of high quality lens, shutters and cameras.

in 1882 Andrew Wollensak was employed as a machinist by Bausch and Lomb, who helped Edward Bausch with the design of the Iris Diaphragm shutter in 1890.

In 1899 Andrew left Bausch and Lomb and with his brother John established a new Company along with financial backing from Stephen Rauber, a former president of the Union Brewing Company. The new company was called Rauber and Wollensak and they manufactured a line of high-quality shutters selling at a reasonable price.

In 1901, Mr. Rauber died and the company's name was then changed to the Wollensak Optical Company.

In 1902 the Wollensak Optical Company producing lenses, in addition to shutters.

In 1909 The famous 'Optimo' shutter was designed by Andrew Wollensak, and was sold extensively until 1930.

in 1905, The Wollensak Optical Company purchased the Rochester Lens Company which manufactured the popular 'Royal' anastigmat lens.

In 1933 John Wollensak died. His two sons Andrew A. and Frank J. remained active in the business for many years.

in January 1936, Andrew Wollensak senior, president of the company since its foundation, died.

In 19xx Revere purchased the company.

In 1972 the company closed.

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