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Timeline of Photographic History

Ali Al-Hazen ibn Al-Haytham was an expert in Philosophy, Physics, Mathematics and the knowledge of Medicines. . He was a great discoverer in optics. Before Ali, people thought that we can see only for the reason that our eyes emit lights which comes back to our eyes after reflection form the objects. Most of his research work is on light that he describes in earlier of 10-11th century is now tested and proven as exact, according to the latest knowledge using latest techniques.

He concluded the rule of magnification using concave and convex lenses and mirrors. He is the person who first found the relationship between light source, lens and resultant image. That is why called as "Al-Hazen Theorem". He also explained how an eye can see. He said that we can only see when light falls on that object and reflect back to our eyes.

( Al-Hazen 965 -1038 )

European people studied his books till 13th century.


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