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Registered on December 28, 2005
updated on November 28, 2018:

The Ohio Camera Collector's Society
P O Box 282
Columbus, Ohio 43216-0282
United States

occs's E-Mail
Daniel Hausman
For meeting and membership call: 740-358-6390

America's Oldest Camera Collector's Club. Monthly meetings are usually held the first Sunday of every month at the Grandview Municipal Center 1016 Grandview Ave. Grandview Heights, OH 43212 at 2:00PM except Holiday weekends.
Note- PLEASE READ! There will be NO meeting this
Sunday December 4, 2018. We need to fill the post of Secretary before we can have our election. Please let me know ASAP if you are willing to serve since we are required to send out written notice to the members.
We will combine the Gift Exchange and Election with the annual Dinner Meeting in January assuming we can complete the Slate of Officers. Email me at occs@insight.rr.com with your desire to serve!
Email me for a current schedule or to be added to our mailing list. For a map copy and paste this link in your browser: http://tinyurl.com/8dlpb or Email occs@insight.rr.com for details. Or find us on Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/38tvmhx

For OCCS Show table, meal and speakers Reservation visit our Eventbrite page: https://tinyurl.com/y7tltll3

P.O. Box 282
Columbus, OH 43216-0282
Email: occs@insight.rr.com
Web site http://www.historiccamera.com/club/occs

The following is for information only, thanks to all who helped make it a great show.
The Ohio Camera Collector’s Society 50th Anniversary Show Sale and All Photographic Auction Friday, May 18, 12-5. Show Saturday, May 19, 9-2. A large variety of events including slate of speakers featuring club founder Walter Johnson,
Pop Photo editor & author Jason Schneider and GEH Photo History authority Grant Romer. Live Collodion Wet plate demonstration and a visit by the Giant Brownie!
Embassy Suites by Hilton
2700 Corporate Exchange Dr Columbus, OH 43231

Free Parking both days. Auction is open to the public. $5 donation for the Camera Show, Student with current ID FREE!

CONSIGN: Your no-longer-wanted CAMERAS, old or newer
Your unused DARKROOM EQUIPMENT that is in the way.
Your old TINTYPES of Granny's oldest cousin.
Your obsolete PHOTO EQUIPMENT, gathering dust.
Your replaced CURRENT CAMERAS, any kind:
antique, classic, modern, whatever.
SPECIALIZED BUYERS: Your material will be offered at an
ALL PHOTOGRAPHIC AUCTION attended by an international
group of collectors, buyers, and dealers.
85% IS YOURS: You receive 85% of the selling price of your
items, OCCS retains 15% to cover advertising and professional
auctioneer's fee. OCCS is a non-profit organization. OCCS members
receive a discounted commission fee.
NO WAITING: Your check will be mailed within 15 days.
Auctioneer: Mark VanHook,Columbus, Ohio See his site for more photos and description of items: www.mvhauctioneer.com
To consign contact Tim Carrig at(419) 673-6260 weekdays.

For OCCS Show table, meal and speakers Reservation visit or Eventbrite page: https://tinyurl.com/y7tltll3

Absentee biding will be available with a Buyer's premium, contact Mark Van Hook, Auctioneer as listed above for details. See preview pictures here:


Large quality auction of antique, vintage, collectible and usable cameras, photographic equipment, images, and related items. Listing and photos will be posted here as details become available.

Consignments are starting to come in. Check back for updates before sale date. There are always numerous additional items that are consigned too late for advertising, so be sure and be present. Mark Hook, Laura Mantle, auctioneers. www.mvhauctioneer.com

Ohio Camera Collectors Society
May 18, 2018 Auction Lot List
This list is as of May 16 and is subject to change. There are lots being added that are not on this list. This list is compiled
from various sources and should be considered a guide only and is not a substitute for in person inspection of the mentioned
lots. Neither the auctioneer or the OCCS guarantee the accuracy of the list, condition of items, or their suitability for
any particular purpose. All items are offered as is and where is.
A1 BL Ansco Cipper, Argus 44,Bolsey, Minolta 500
A2 Kodak Advertising Sign
A3 BL B&H Dial 35, Argus, Clipper, Yashica FR
A4 BL Argus Flash Clipper, 2 box Kodaks, Argus viewer, Polaroid
A5 BL Minolta, Super Pentax K1000 w/lens, Konica w/lens
A6 BL Easiload in box, Argus C3, Polaroid, Ansco Flash
A7 Graflex hard case w/ Sylvania movie light, metal slide file
A8 Kodak advertising group - signs, bag, film box
A9 ASI projector, GM training film
A10 Graflex Graphic 35 w/flash outfit
A11 Diko slide holder full of slides
A12 BL snapshots
A13 BL Real View, Viewmaster & other viewers
A14 BL Photo Books, Hassy & Rollei adv.
A15 BL BW snapshots
A16 Photo album - CDVs
A17 BL ViewMaster reels
A18 BL flash bulbs
A19 Lot of 2 shutters
A20 Minolta 16 Ps in box
A21 a BH Movie Poj, b BH filmo camera
A22 Pentax outfit in box
A23 BL CDVs & snapshots
A24 BL tintypes, snapshots, negatives
A25 Photo album w/prints
A26 BL Photo albums
A27 BL Instamatic in box, Minolta - Jiffy in box
A28 BL Film & light meters
A29 BL filters, covers, cases
A30 BL Kodak advertising, Playskool camera, movie camera book
A31 BL Nikon box, flash, lens cases & 2 lenses
A32 BL Brownie, B & H projectors, light bar
A33 a Dalite Screen, b Bogen tripod, c TDC projector
B1 Nikon F4S body
B2 Nikon F5 in soft case
B3 Nikon F3 high eyepoint body
B4 F3 body in soft case
B5 Tamron 17-50 f2.8 XR Di II, SP AF, LD Aspherical
B6 Nikon F2 w/attachments
B7 Nikon F5 body
B8 Nikon F80 body
B9 Nikon F100 body
B10 Nikon 80QD body
B11 Nikon N70 body
B12 Tokina AF 235 20-35 f3.5-4.5
B13 Nikon Binoculars 7X35E
B14 Nikon F2 7532563
B15 Nikon F 7229537
B16 Nikon F2 7246358
B17 Nikon F2 7352662
B18 Nikon F3 1633636
B19 Nikon F3 1588448
B20 Nikon F2 7876034
B21 Nikon F2 74440283
B22 Nikon F4 2243149
B23 Nikon F2A 7879985
B24 Nikon FAA w/case
B25 Nikon F2 7889109
B26 Nikon F4 2439674
B27 Canon TL QL with lens
B28 Choice lot 5 18-55 or 6 28-70 Nikkor lenses
B30 Choice lot 28-105mm 3.5-4.5D
B31 Nikkor 55-200 f4-5.6 IF ED lens
B32 Mixed lot Nikon grips & flash accys
B33 a,b Nikon N80 parts
B34 F4 2415145 with MB21
B35 F4 2514685 with MB21
B36 F 7258047
B37 Nikon SB800 Speedlite
B39 BL straps & tools
B40 a Hoods - b Battery Holders
B41 Nikon grips & drives
B42 a Smith Victor Hot Lights b - choice F2 & F3 parts
B43 a & b choice lot Nikon parts bodies
B44 a,b,c Nikon grips & battery holders
B45 BL straps
B46 Nikon eye pcs.
B47 Nikon data backs & misc.
B48 a,b Nikon D80 bodies
B49 a, b Nikon N80 bodies
B50 Nikon D90 body
B52 Leica M3 DS body 775650
B53 Summacron 50mm f2 w/eyes & hood
B54 Leitz 50mm lmar 3.5
B55 Leitz Summaron 35mm 3.5 w/eyes
B56 Misc. Leica accessories
B57 a,b,c, Nikon D80 bodies
B58 a, b, Flats of Nikon motor drives
B59 Nikon D3100 body
B60 Nikon D70 S body
B61 Nikon D200 body
B62 a,b,c, Nikon literature lots
B63 BL Books
B64 a,b,c Nikon Cases
B65 Choice lot Nikon NIB 50 1.8 AF
B66 Choice lot Nikon NIB 18-70 AFSED
B67 Choice lot Nikon DX 35-80, 28-80, 55-200
B68 BL Nikon parts lenses
B69 BL Nikon 55-200 & 18-55 DX lenses
B70 BL Nikon 35-80, 28-80 NIB DX lenses
B71 BL Nikon 28-80 & 35-70 lenses in boxes
B72 Choice lot 50 1.8 , 28-85, 28-105 Nikkors
B73 Choice lot 50 f1.8, 50 f1.4, 35 f2, 28 f2.8 Nikon lenses
B74 Choice lot 55 f3.5, 55 f2.8 200 f4 DX micro 40 f2.8, 35 f1.8, 85 f1.8 Nikon lenses
B75 Choice lot 35-70, 24-120, 180 2.8 Nikon AF lenses
B76 Choice lot 35-70, 28-70, 18-135 Nikon Lenses
B77 4-35 DV AFSG Nikon lens
B78 3-28-85 AT Nikkor lenses
B79 5- 18-55 VR Nikkor lenses
B80 Lot 50 f1.4, 55 f2.8, 24mm, 35 mm Nikkor lenses
B81 18-70 & 18-105 Nikkor lenses
B82 50 1.8 & 18-105 AF Nikkor lenses
B83 BL Nikon Flashes
B84 BL Nikon lens hoods
B85 Nikon copy stand
B86 Gitzo monopod w/ ball head
B88 Giattos Monopod
B89 Nikon SB50 DX flash
B90 Mamiya RZ 67 200 roll film holder
B91 Box lot Nikon items box b
B92 Box lot Nikon items box d
B93 Box lot Nikon items box I
B94 Box lot Nikon items box a
B95 Box lot Nikon items box h
B96 Box lot Nikon items box g
B97 Box lot Nikon items box c
B98 Box lot Nikon items box f
B99 Box lot Nikon items box e
B100 Box lot Nikon items misc
C1 Busch folding camera red belllows
C2 Kodak Panoram
C3 Hanimex projector
C4 box lot Box cameras Ensign, Brownie Jr. , Gone Pixie, Kodak 120, Brownie box
C5 Plate Camera Deckel Zopliar 4.5
C6 Voigtlander TLR 2.5 Voigtar
C7 Voigtlander Brilliant TLR
C8 Ernemann Plate camera Goerz Dogmar 4.5
C9 Mahogany plant camera no case
C10 Whole plate camera
C11 Eastman Kodak folding camera wooden interior red bellows 2 holders
C12 Whole plate Eastman Kodak folding camera red bellows
C13 Ensign rangefinder camera Ensar 3.5
C14 Salix plate camera no ground glass
C15 Lizars Challenge Model C Case, 3 holders
C23 box lot Box cameras Brownie, Ensign box, Coronet box, Portrait Brownie, Ensign E20
C24 box lot Box cameras Brownie, APM,Geva, Zeiss, Kodak 120
C25 box lot box cameras APM, Agfa,Coronet 120, Ensign, Ensign 2C
C26 box lot Box cameras Brownie 2C, No. 2 Bownie, No. 2 Hawkeye, Ensign green, Brownie
flash, Duaflex
C27 box lot Box cameras Brownie, Ensign, Conway, 2 Brownie 2As
C28 Contessa Nettel Derval shutter
C29 No. 2 Hawkette Bakelite
C30 Rajak No. 6 Bakelite
C31 120 folding
C32 Goerz 116 w/case
C33 Contessa Nettel Tessar 4.5
C34 Voigtlander Bessa Skopar 4.5
C36 Contessa Nettel Tessar 4.5
C37 Soho Life Model B
C38 Contessa Nettel Derval shutter
C39 Contessa Nettel ICA Tessar 4.7
C40 Voigtlander plate camera
C41 Agfa Bilinar w/case
C42 Choice lot various brass lenses
C43 Conley View Camera 5 x 7 red bellows
C44 Century 5 x 7 view camera red bellows
C45 box lot folding cameras Planax, Kershaw Penguin, Deltax, Watch Pocket Carbine
C46 Certo Xenar 4.5 2 holders & FPA
C47 1/4 plate camera Ibsor DRP
C48 Ica 120 Compur
C49 Kodak Folding strut camera
C50 Bakelite 120 camera
C51 Plate Camera Deckel Zopliar 4.5
C52 Ensign 116
C53 Ernemann 6 x 9 Detective Aplanat
C54 Ensign Klito 1/4 plate
C55 Reitzchel 1/4 plate double extension
C56 Agfa 6 x 9
C57 Klimax 1/2 plate
C58 Klimax 1/4 plate Aldis 6.0
C59 Cameo 6 x 9 4 holders
C60 Ensign Klito 6 x 9
C61 Zeiss Ica Tessar 4.5 4 holders
C62 Premoette w/film Pack back
C63 Beck 1/2 plate
C64 Plate camera Aplanat lens, PFA
C65 ICA Zeiss whole plate camera Maximar lens, Ground glass cracked
C66 Ensign folding Klito
C67 Zeiss Ica w plate back in box
C68 plate camera Goerz Dagor 2 holders, case
C69 A-H Choice lot Falling plate cameras Mostly Ensign
C70 Ensign 1/4 plate Anastigmat 7.5
C71 Agfa Agifold Agilux f8
C72 Agfa Super Isolette Solinar 3.5
C73 Voightlander Bessa w/case
C74 Baldax folding camera
C75 Agfa Agifold
C76 Certo Dolly Tessar 2.8
C77 Weltax Xenon f2.0
C78-C90 Plate accessories /holders
C91-104 Plate accessories /holders
C105-111 Misc Film holders
C112-118 Misc Film holders
C119-130 Misc Film holders
C131 Ernemann 2x3 camera
C132-158 Choice lot brass lenses
C159 Lens rings/mounts
C160-165 Double film holders
C166 Sanderson Hand Camera
C167 Dux Episcope
C168 Goerz folding strut camera
C169 Westminster Plate camera w/roller blind shutter
C170 Leather case & holders
C171 Graflex Series B w/Kodak Anastigmat
C172 Thornton Pickard Reflex
C173 Leather case & holders Lancaster
C174 Retina IIa Xenar f2
C175 Retina II Xenar f3.5
C176 Retina II Ektar 3.5
C177 Retina I Xenar 3.5
C178 Retina IB Schneider 2.8
C179 Retina I Xenar 3.5
C180 Retinette Reomar 3.5
C181 Paxette
C182 Kiev f2 w/case
C183 Retina I Xenar 3.5
C184 Deckel Ebnar bakelite brown
C185 Finetta Super
C186 Edinex Edinar
C187 Mercury II
C188 Graflex Graphic 35
C189 Agfa Karat
C190 Agfa Karat
C191 Argus 35
C192 Certo Dollina Xenon f2
C193 Certo Dollina Xenon f3
C194 Paxette
C195 Kodak 35
C196 Kodak 35 US Army
C198-C201 Box lot Sawyers, Polaroid, TDC vivid
C203-205 Detrola, Viscellent Corona, Ansco Lancer
C206-210 Box lot Kodak, Ansco, Goldix, Deltax Falcon AGC Vario
C211 Ica Lloyd
C212 Ica camera
C213 Agiflex Agifold w/FPS
C214 Ensign Roll Film Reflex
C215 KW Reflex
C216 Butchers Carbine Reflex
C217 Pilot Super
C218 Reflex Korelle
C219 Contax w/Sonnar f2
C220 Contax w/Sonnar f2
C221 Contax w/Sonnar f2.8
C222 Contax Dresden no meter
C223 Zeiss Werra
C224 Zeiss Werra
C225 Bencini Comet
C226 Retina II Xenon f2
C227 Leica/Russian copy Zobrcuiu
C229 Exakta IA Meyer Domiplan 2.8
C230 Exa
C231 Exakta I Tessar 3.5
C232 Exakta RTL1000 Oreston 1.8
C233 Exakta IIA Zeiss Pancolor
C234 Exakta RTL1000
C235 Exakta black prewar Tessar 2.8
C236 Exakta IIB
C237 Exakta VXIIA
C238 Exakta VX in box
C239 Pax M3
C240 Contax w/Sonnar f1.5
D1 Leica Standard body 163644
D2 Leica IIIf red dial body 648481
D3 Leica IIIf black dial body 600010
D4 Leica IIIf red dial body 724964
D5 Leica IIIf black dial w/Elmar 50mm 526877
D6 Thornton Pickard Machine Gun camera no magazine or tripod
D7 Pontioscopio Stereo Graphoscope Ornate carving
D8 Biunnial Lantern Slide Projector
D9 Anthony 5 x 7 view camera w/ lens
D10 Nikon 500 mm Mirror lens w/case 181852
D11 Coin Op Mutoscope w/ key & cards
D12 Eastman 2D 2 backs & lens
D13 a Empire State View Camera body, b Eastman 8 x 10 body
D14 Lancaster View Camera w/ 14 in. Busch Aplanat
D15 BL box & folding cameras
D16 BL Leica, Nikon, Hassy items
D17 Patent Kalloscope coin op stereo viewer
D18 BL Argus, Zeiss 8mm
D19 BL Canon, Pentax, Nikon
D20 Linhof 4x5 Technika w/ Reflex Viewing hood
D21 Canon DV XL1A w/ case, 2 lenses
D22 Box lot parts digital point & shoot cameras
D23 Box lot parts digital point & shoot cameras
D24 Box lot parts digital point & shoot cameras
D25 Box lot parts digital point & shoot cameras
D26 Box lot parts digital point & shoot cameras
D27 Box lot parts digital point & shoot cameras
D28 Box lot parts digital point & shoot cameras
D29 Box lot parts digital point & shoot cameras
D30 Box lot parts digital point & shoot cameras
D31 Box lot parts digital point & shoot cameras
D32 Box lot parts digital point & shoot cameras
D33 British folding full plate camera, 3 holders, Watson lens
D34 5 x 7 F & S RB Cycle Graphic w/case, holders & tripod
D35 Wood Tripod in case
D36 BL Nikon, Olympus, Praktica SLRs
D37 Ponti Megalethascope w/ 3 views
D38 JVC Pro video camera w/lens
D39 BL film holders
D40 BL Misc.
D41 BL Pentax, Nikon, Leitz
D42 BL Argus, Zeiss plate, Nikkormat
D43 BL Pentax 110, Rollei 110 Minolta 110, misc Nikon, Lietz
D44 BH Filmo S8, Pentax SLR & stereo slide mounts
D45 Daguerreian Era turned leg tripod, reproduction top
D46 Blair 8 x 10, no back or lens board
E1 Leica IIIC w/50 f3.5 Elmar & case
E2 Eiko 16 sound projector
E3 B & H 16 sound projector
E4 Panasonic Rolling Video tripod
E5 Rolleiflex w/ 3.5 Planar
E6 Excel 16 projector
E7 Buena 35
E8 Pentax K1000
E9 Polaroid SX70
E10 Tamron 500 mirror lens Adaptall mount
E11 Nikon FM w/ 50mm
E12 Yashica LM
E13 BL Argus, Kodak, Brownie, Polaroid
E14 Exakta Medical camera outfit & accys.
H1 Nikon F outfit w/ 4 lens & accys
H2 BL Argus & point & shoot
H3 Minolta x700, 100 macro, flash, misc
H4 Photo Sniper lens in kit, no camera
H5 Lot meters, caps, filters
H6 Yashica 635
H7 a, b - Angenieux 150 f3.5 C mount, Angienieux 15mm f1.3
H8 Aluminum case, Pentax Analog spot meter
H9 Polaroid & Projector
I1 Box Lot Books
L1 Prontor II
L2 Zeiss Novar
L3 Benzini Comet II
L4 Ensign Epsilon Ross lens
L5 Braun Paxette
L6 Braun Paxette
L7 Exakta VX w/Meyer 1.8
L8 Exakta w/Tessar 2.8
L9 Exakta w/Tessar 2.8
L10 Exakta w/Tessar 2.9
L11 Exakta w/Victar f2.9
L12 Exakta w/ Biotar f2
L13 Robot w/ Heligon f1.9
L14 Olympic Folding 120
L15 Retina IIIS w/Xenon f1.9
L16 Retina IIc w/Xenon 2.8
L17 Retina IA w/Reomar 2.8
L18 Praktica Pentacon MTL3
L19 Zeiss Contaflex w/Tessar 2.8
L20 Retina IIIc w/Xenon 1.9
L21 Retina Reflex IV w/Xenon 1.9
L22 Voigtlander Vitoret 110
L23 Falcon 110
L24 Minolta 110 Zoom
L25 Rollei A110
L26 Minolta 110 Zoom
L27 Agfamatic 110
L28 Exakta Exa
L29 Coronet 127
L30 Retina Reflex III w/Xenon 1.9
L31 Homemade wooden Stereo Camera
L32 Rolleiflex standard w/Tessar 3.5
L33 No. 0 Graphic
L34 Leica w/Elmar 3.5
L35 Leica w/Elmar 3.6
L36 Russian Cnopm reflex
L37 Argus RF
L38 Exakta Novoflex bellows
L39 Accura slide duplicator
L40 Ihagee Exakta interlens shutter
L41 Exakta w/Pancolor f2
L42 Schneider TeleXenar 3.5
L43 Auto Telenar Cuinar 135 f2.8
L44 Vivitar 28mm f/Exakta
L45 Pocket Instamatic 40
L46 Schneider TeleXenar 135 f3.5
L47 Foth Derby
L48 Kodak 127
L49 Voigtlander Perkeo 122
L50 Voigtlander Perkeo 128
L51 Ernemann Cronus
L52 Kodak w/Radionar 3.5
L53 Kodak 127
L54 Korelle
L55 Foth Derby 127
L56 Kodak Vest Pocket
L57 Voigtlander 127 w/Skopar
L58 Voigtlander 127 w/Prontor AGC
L59 Voigtlander 127 w/Prontor Skopar
L60 Coronar
L61 Korelle 127
L62 Kodak Nagel 127 w/Radionar3.5
L63 Pronto 127
L64 Fotel 127
L65 Ernemann Detective w/Aplanat 6.8
L66 Kodak Bantam Special w/Ektar 2.0
L67 Kodak 127 w/Tioplan
L68 Vest Pocket Autographic Kodak
L69 Kodak Bantam Special Supermatic w/Ektar
L70 Agfa Memo
L71 127 no case hand adjusted shutter
L72 Krauss Rollette
L73 Ernemann Rolf I
L74 Cetra Dolly
L75 Krauss Rollette
L76 Ernemann
L77 Kodak VPK Model B
L78 Korelle 127
L79-82 Leather cases w/film holders
L83 Brownie No. 2 w/instructions
L84 No. 2 Bullseye
L85 3 Brownie cameras no winding keys
L86 3 large box cameras
L87 Kodak 116 Gray w/case
L88 No. 1 Kodak Hexagon Face
L89 Kodak 120 Green w/case
L90 Kodak 116 blue/green
L91 Kodak 1A brown
L92 Kodak 116 blue/green
L93 Kodak 116 Gray w/case
L94 Pocket Kodak 1A w/box
L95 Kodak 1A
L96 Kodak Auto Signature brown w/case
L97 Kodak 116 green
L98 Kodak FKC red
L99 Kodak 116 brown w/black rep bellows
L100 Kodak 116 Green/blue
L101 Sanderson 1/4 plate no ground glass
L102 Color Flex TLR
L103 Exa w/Meritar 2.8
L104 Zeiss Ikonta 127
L105 Acro Marvel
L106 Prontor II 127
L107 CME 127 Reflex
L108 Kandor Deluxe 127
L109 Puck w/ Rodenstock Trinar 3.5
L110 Foth w/15 cm 3.5
L111 Certo Dolly
L112 Gelto DIII
L113 Gallus Derlux
L114 Robinette Trap Door 128
L115 Anny AA
L116 Ruberg Futuro w/box
L117 Dixi 127
L118 Bencini Comet
L119 Ihagee 127
L120 Baby Suzucki
L121 Marble 127
L122 Viscount Coronet 127
L123 Bencini Comet II
L124 Monarch Flexmaster 12 w/box
L125 Retina IIIc
L126 Cima AA
L127 Tsusaba New Gold
L128 Licht 127
L129 New Olympic 127
L130 Leidof Welmar 127
L131 B&H Dial 35
L132 Peacock 127
L133 Balda Springbox 127
L134 Canon 110 ED
L135 Agfa Vest Pocker Readyset
L136 Franke & Heidecke Rollei 16
L137 Franke & Heidecke Rollei 35
L138 Rondine 127
L139 Zeissa Ikonta 35 w/Xenar 2.8
L140 Ferrania Delta
L141 Dixi Germany 127
M1 Kodak Girl advertising standup
M2 5 x 7 wooden view camera
M3 Korona 4 x 5
M4 Minox B lot w/accys
M5 No, 2 Brownie in worn original box
M6 Kodak No. 4 Panoram
M7 N0. 3 folding Brownie red bellows
M8 choice lot powder flash items
M9 Lot of 3 Ricohflex and Altiflex TLRs, Kodak folding plate
M10 Lot of 2 Retina & Welta 35s
M11 4 x 5 red bellows view cam project
M12 B&J 2 x 3 Watson press camera
M13 Choice lot lenses & shutters
M14 Choice lot tintypes
M15 OCCS Millenium Brownie
P1 Kodak Ordinary B
P2 Mentor Compur Reflex
P3 Eumig C16 movie camera
R1 Leitz projector
V2 No.2 Bull’s Eye Kodak Camera Model D in showcase
V3 No.2 Bull’s Eye Kodak Camera Model D in showcase
V4 Rollekonter
V5 Ikoflex
V6 Flexaret
V7 Lenses –choice
V8 Kodak Medalist II
V9 Kodak Medalist II
V10 B&J Grover
V11 Topcon box lot
V12 Pentax box lot
V13 Pentax M42 box lot
V14 Minolta AF box lot
V15 Polaroid box lot
V16 Digital cameras box lot
V17 Rollei accessories box lot


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