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Registered on December 28, 2005
updated on April 21, 2014:

The Ohio Camera Collector's Society
P O Box 282
Columbus, Ohio 43216-0282
United States

occs's E-Mail
Daniel Hausman
For meeting and membership call: 740-358-6390

America's Oldest Camera Collector's Club. Monthly meetings are usually held the first Sunday of every month at the Grandview, Ohio Municipal Center at 2:00PM except Holiday weekends.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held at the Grandview Municipal Center on Sunday May 4, at 2PM. This meeting will be for final show planing, dropping off consignments for the auction as well as the usual show and tell.

Email me for a current schedule or to be added to our mailing list. For a map copy and paste this link in your browser: http://tinyurl.com/8dlpb or Email occs@insight.rr.com for details. Or find us on Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/38tvmhx

May 16,17 2014, The weekend before Memorial Day Weekend!
Please Note our location at The Aladdin Shrine Center, 3850 Stelzer Rd. Columbus Ohio 43219:


Note new schedule:
Auction May 16, 12-5PM Preview begins at 12 PM, auction at 1 PM.
Public auction, no admission fee.
Mark Van Hook, Auctioneer. (614) 218-1318

Show May 17, 10-3 PM. Dealer set up begins at 8:00 AM.

(Buy, Sell, Trade) No early birds. $6.00 donation requested

P.O. Box 282
Columbus, OH 43216-0282
Email: occs@insight.rr.com
Web site http://www.historiccamera.com/club/occs

Auction May 16, 12-5PM Preview begins at 12 PM, auction at 1 PM.
CONSIGN: Your no-longer-wanted CAMERAS, old or newer
Your unused DARKROOM EQUIPMENT that is in the way.
Your old TINTYPES of Granny's oldest cousin.
Your obsolete PHOTO EQUIPMENT, gathering dust.
Your replaced CURRENT CAMERAS, any kind:
antique, classic, modern, whatever.
SPECIALIZED BUYERS: Your material will be offered at an
ALL PHOTOGRAPHIC AUCTION attended by an international
group of collectors, buyers, and dealers.
85% IS YOURS: You receive 85% of the selling price of your
items, OCCS retains 15% to cover advertising and professional
auctioneer's fee. OCCS is a non-profit organization. OCCS members
receive a discounted commission fee.
NO WAITING: Your check will be mailed within 15 days.
Auctioneer: Mark VanHook,Columbus, Ohio See his site for more photos and description of items: www.mvhauctioneer.com

May 16-17, 2014
Buy - Sell - Trade
LOCATION: The Aladdin Shrine Center
3850 Stelzer Rd. 43219
Show hours: Saturday May 17, 10:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
Free Public Auction Friday May 16, 1:00 p.m. (preview at 12:00 p.m.)
Ohio Camera Collectors Society Annual International Trade Fair and Auction
May 16-17, 2014 (The weekend before Memorial Day Weekend)

OCCS Show table Reservation form-copy and paste into a new document starting here, then fill out and mail in.

To reserve a dealer's table, print the following form and fill out completely and return to:
OCCS TRADE FAIR, PO Box 282, Columbus, OH 43216. Make checks/money orders payable to
The Ohio Camera Collectors Society. Questions, call Dan Hausman, Show Manager 740-358-6390

I would like to reserve _______ 6-foot table(s) - Maximum of 2. All reservations are first come, first served. If extra tables become available, check here _____ for notification.

Member rates (per table)
Sat. $65.00(Member $60) $ ________________
*2012 Dues ($10) $ __________________ (Optional)
Total Amount Enclosed $ __________________

I understand that: Non-photographic material will not be displayed. No equipment or signs will project above exhibitor's head. Neither Ohio Camera Collectors Society nor the Aladdin Shrine Center will be held responsible for loss or damage for any cause. Dealer set up begins at 8:00AM, Table(s) to be set up by 10:00 AM. Issued badges for exhibitors and assistants must be worn during the show.


Name ______________________________________________

Address ____________________________________________

City _________________________ State _______ Zip ___________

Phone ( ) _____________________Fax ( ) ___________________


Name of assistant (Limit of one) ____________________________________________

Please list special items you will commit for consignment and advance advertising for the Friday Auction. We must receive auction material by May 1 for newspaper advertising deadline.



Absentee biding will be available with a Buyer's premium, contact Mark Van Hook, Auctioneer as listed above for details. See preview pictures here:


Large quality auction of antique, vintage, collectible and usable cameras, photographic equipment, images, and related items. Listing and details will be posted here as details become available.
There are always numerous additional items that are consigned too late for advertising, so be sure and be present.

Partial list of items consigned for 2013 FOR Reference only! 2014 consignments will be listed as they become available.

Item # Description
A1 Canon AE-1 w 50mm lens
A10 Leitz Leica Projector in box
A11 Polaroid SX-70 Black
A12 Mattew Brady Mr Lincloln's Camera Man book
A13 Kodak Brownie w box
A14 1947 Modern Photography & Kodakery
A15 Minolta SRT 100 w 50, 135, flash case
A16 Minolta XGM w 50, 135, flash, case
A17 Kodak Junior #2C folding camera w box
A18 Argus C3 in box
A19 Kodak #4 Nascar in Box
A2 Detrola w case
A20 Box lot of Albumsm CDVs & snapshots-choice
A21 Box Lot Minute 16, Store Dispay thermometer, Canon Elph, Viewmaster
A22 Box lot Canon Aux lens, Pentax flash, Minolta 16 submini, Minolta lens, Petri VF
A23 Box Lot of 6 wood photo frames
A24 Minolta Maxxum 3000i w lens & flash
A25 Box Viewmaster reels including Peter Pan, sealed
A26 Box lot of flashes and flash holders
A27a Choice Pentax 80-200
A27b Pentax 28mm 2.8 Kmt
A27c 50mm Pentax PK mt
A27d Chinon 135mm
A27e ,Tamron AF 28-80
A28 Polaroid close up
A3 Canon T50 w 35-70 zoom lens
A4 Tripod
A5 Minolta SRT100 w 45, 135mm & bag
A6 Ricoh Mirai
A7 Box of flash bulbs
A8 Box lot of photos & ambrotypes-choice
A9 vivo tripod
B1 Hasselblad Chrome Superwide 38 Biogon & finder
B10 Leica MC meter
B11 Leica 50mm DR Summicron
B2 Hasselblad Chrome 500C w 80mm Planar & Back
B3 Hasselblad Chrome 250mm Sonar Lens
B4 Hasselblad Chrome 150mm Sonnar lens
B5 Hasselblad Chrome 60mm Distagon lens
B6 Hasselblad Eyelevel finder
B7 Hasselblad Brand Case w filter & Access
B8 Hasselblad Roll film back
B9 Leica M3 Body Chrome
C1 Kodak Very early box camera. 101film
C10 Kodak #1A Pocket folding camera seriesII
C11 Kodak #2A Folding Autographic Brownie
C12 Kodak Folding Hawk Eye Model B
C13 Kodak No.2 folding Autographic Brownie
C14 Kodak Jiffy folding camera
C15 Premo Compact View 3x4 lens f128
C16 Zeiss Ikon compact view 3x4
C17 Premo folding rosewood view 5x7
C18 Korona I 5x7 rosewood folding view with 3 film holder, case
C19 Kodak Colorburst 50 instant camera with I box film, case
C2 KodAK Very early box camera. 101film
C20 Quad Ruby Safe light for candle
C21 Stereo viewer
C22 Magic Lantern 1882 projector fits over oil lamp
C23 Quick set Video pan/tilt tripod head
C24 eystone Moviegraph hand cranked projector
C25 Duplex Magic Lantern 20in tall, beautiful condition
C26 14 B&W glass slide strips, 3 color strips, wooden box
C27 4 color glass slide strips, one 3.5in color strip
C28 10 vintage portrait prints 2.25x4
C29 23 tintypes 2.5 x 3.5
C3 Agfa D-6 Cadet camera
C30 Leitz Tiltall Aluminum tripod
C31 Smithe Victor 5 light stands
C32 4 misc light stands
C33 Kodak Carousel 750H with 4in lens
C34 Suit case of flash bulbs: #31,25b,40b,6b,6 etc.
C4 Kodak No.2 Film pack Hawk Eye
C5 Kodak No.2 Cartridge Hawk Eye Mod.C
C6 Kodak Box camera 116 film
C7 Ansco Shur Shot camera
C8 Kodak#3A folding Autographic Model C
C9 Kodak #1A Pocket folding camera
F1 Nikon D300 in box
F10 Nikon Nikkor AFS-DX Micro 85 f3.5G ED VR
F11 Lensbaby Composer
F12 Lensbaby Optic kit
F13 Lensbaby Fisheye optic
F14 Lensbaby Accessory Kit
F15 Slik Lighty Pod
F16 Velbon 7000 tripod
F17 Giottos MM9780 Tripod
F18 Trek Go Pod
F19 Induro AB2/AT213
F2 Nikon D40 w 18-55 in box
F20 Pair of Miniature tripods
F21 Choice of 8 cases, straps, dividers
F22 Box lot filters and rings
F23 Box Lot of books-
F24 Box lot of 5 Cased images, 2 albums choice
F25 Spyder 3 colorimeter
F26 Poplular flash and grip
F3 Nikon D70 w lens
F4 HP Photosmart C200 camera in box
F5 HP Photosmart 618 camera in box
F6 Canon Powershot S3 IS
F7 Olympus Infinity 35mm camera
F8 OlympusStylus Zoom 140 35mm camera
F9 Polaroid 110B Land Camera w accessories
H1 Kodak Plate/film Box Camera
H10 5 x 7 Graflex
H100 box lot Folding and Polaroid
H101 box lot Folding and Polaroid
H102 Misc cameras & accys
H103 box lot film holders
H104 box lot film holders
H105 5 x 7 view camera project
H106 wooden contact printer
H107 Kodak 2D 5 x 7 Body
H108 box lot early darkroom items
H109 box lot glass plates and negatives
H11 Colored Kodak box and folding cameras
H110 box lot Folding and Polaroid
H111 box lot mini cameras and camera novelties
H112 box lot Kodak and misc.
H113 box lot box cameras & folders
H114 box lot box cameras & folders
H115 box lot early darkroom items
H116 box lot box cameras & folders
H117 box lot flash bulbs
H118 box lot polaroids
H119 box lot box cameras & folders
H12 QRS Kamera in box
H120 box lot box camera & polaroid
H121 sheet film dev. hangers
H122 box lot Darkroom items
H123 Argus, Polaroid, Bucaneer
H124 box lot printing frames
H125 box lot plastic cameras
H126 box lot Kodak, Polaroid, Bullet, Photometer
H127 box lot Girl Scout Bantam, baby Kodak
H128 box lot Darkroom bottle & glass negs
H129 box lot polaroids
H13 5 x 7 Korona view camera
H130 box lot Box cameras Anniversary Kodak
H131 box lot Zeiss Box Tengor & Kodak Box
H132 box lot box and folding cameras
H133 box lot Kodak 3A special & box cameras
H134 box lot Bolsey, Zeiss, Argus, Petri
H135 box lot Seneca, Majestic, B & H Filmo
H136 box lot B & H Filmo
H137 box lot photo albums with photos
H138 box lot early Kodak box & Seneca Folder
H139 box lot retouching desk & Seneca Folder
H14 Cycle Montauk
H140 box lot Kodak Signet, Graphic 35, Bullet
H141 box lot Darkroom items
H142 box lot photo literature
H143 box lot Hit type cameras (choice lot)
H144 box lot flash bulbs
H145 box lot Kodak & Agfa box & folders
H146 box lot box cameras
H147 box lot Box, Folding, Bantam
H148 box lot 6 folding cameras
H149 box lot folding cameras in boxes
H15 Magazine Cyclone
H150 box lot polaroids
H151 box lot Polaroid, Kodak Instant & Ad cams
H152 box lot Polaroids
H153 box lot Polaroid & Ad cams
H154 box lot 5 box cameras
H155 box lot Land cameras
H156 box lot Polaroids
H157 box lot Polaroid & Kodak
H158 box lot Polaroids
H159 Kodak Advertising clock
H16 Adlake Box Camera
H160 box lot Polaroids
H161 box lot vintage darkroom items
H162 box lot 4 Polaroids
H163 box lot wooden film holders
H164 box lot box cameras
H165 box lot Diana & Beseler & misc.
H166 Box lot Polaroid & Kodak
H167 box lot Polaroid & film holders
H168 Darkroom & Enlarger
H169 box lot 5 x 7 film holders
H17 Voigtlander plate cameras
H170 Box lot view camera parts & film tank
H171 Enlarger Kodak
H172 Omega Enlarger + 2 easels
H173 2 copy stands
H174 Mick-a-Matic, Kodak 35, Zeiss
H175 Kodak, Smurf, Baby Box
H176 Box lot Bessa, Boy Scout, Zeiss
H177 box lot box and folding cameras
H178 box lot large box cameras
H179 Camera Clock and misc.
H18 Graflex Fingerprint Camera
H180 box lot cameras in boxes
H181 box lot glass negs
H182 box lot glass negs
H183 box lot glass negs
H184 box lot Kodak colored folders, ZI Box Tengor, Agfa box
H185 box lot Voigtlander plate camera and holders
H186 box lot 4 folding cameras
H187 box lot 2 folding, 1 plate camera
H188 box lot 4 folding cameras
H189 box lot 4 folding cameras
H19 Several Mick-a-matic cameras
H190 box lot 5 folding cameras
H191 box lot flash parts
H192 box lot flash bulbs
H193 box lot flash parts
H194 box lot flash parts
H195 box lot rangefinders, self-timers, film and misc.
H196 2 Mick-a-Matic, Bugs Bunny & Fisher Price
H197 Box lot film holders and backs
H198 box lot Packard shutters
H199 box lot Polaroids
H2 Daguerreotypes and Ambrotypes (choice lot)
H20 Baby Crown Graphic
H200 box lot polaroid close up camera, hood
H201 box lot early photo albums
H202 Early Speed Graphic
H203 box lot printing frames & misc.
H204 box lot roll film holders and bag back
H205 box lot 2 folding and Rowi camera stand
H206 Choice wooden tripods
H21 Polaroid 180 Kit w/ accys
H22 Victor Speed Lite Powder Flash in box
H23 Kodak Flash Sheet Holder
H24 Beau Brownie in case
H25 Box Lot Books
H26 Speed Graphic in case with holders
H27 AB 2 Boy Scout VPKs Choice a lot
H28 Nagel Plate Camera
H29 Unidentified Field Camera
H3 3A Graflex
H30 Century 8 x 10 fileld camera
H31 Ansco Memo
H32 Anthony 8 x 10 Studio Camera
H33 Century #2 8 x 10 Studio Camera
H34 Century Bipost Stand
H35 11 x 14 Century View Camera w/ bipost stand
H36 Kodak Enlarging Camera
H37 Small Wooden Contact Printer
H38 Graflex 22
H39 Century 8 x 10 Field Camera
H4 Speed Graphic 4 x 5
H40 #3 Quick Focus Kodak
H41 4 x 5 Speed Graphic
H42 Seroco View Camera
H43 3 wooden Plate Drying Racks
H44 Eastman Darkroom timer in box
H45 Studio Scale
H46 ABCDE Kerosene Safelamps
H47 ABC Kodak Film Tanks
H48 Boxed Stereo Set w/viewer
H49 Stereopticon Viewer
H5 8 x 10 View Camera (unidentified)
H50 Wooden Tripods
H51 ?? Flash sheet holder
H52 Stereo Weno w/ plate back
H53 King Poco 5 x 7 view camera
H54 Keystone Aerial Camera w/ Aero Ektar
H55 Anthony Field Camera
H56 Anchor Easy Plate Roller
H57 Vanity Kodak B w/ compact (bad bellows)
H58 Schneider 240mm lens in barrel
H59 Early multiplying plate back
H6 6 x 8 Field Camera (unidentified)
H60 Several Speed Graphics
H61 Several Cirkut photos
H62 Wonder Photo Cannon Camera
H63 Graph Chek sequence camera
H64 Kodak Panoram #1
H65 Eastman Flash Sheet Holder
H66 Kodak Panoram #4
H67 Graflex #0
H68 Pony Premo #3
H69 Speed Kodak w/case
H7 Cloth Bound Photo Album with photos
H70 1A Graflex
H71 Press Graflex 5 x 7
H72 Graflex Series D 3 x 4
H73 Premo Sr. 6 x 8
H74 3A Graflex
H75 RB Graflex Jr.
H76 #4 Kodak Jr.
H77 Expo Watch Camera w/case
H78 Kombi Camera w/viewer
H79 Kodak 00
H8 Gift Kodak Camera only
H80 abc Choice of 3 Brass lenses
H81 Minute 16 in box
H82 Minolta 16
H83 Speed Hit type camera
H84 Conley Multi-load Box Camera
H85 #3 Cartidge Kodak
H86 Schneider Symmar 210mm 5.6 in Packard Shutter
H87 American Optical Henry Clay
H88 Seneca 5 x 7 Camera City View Camera
H89 Argus Macro Kit
H9 Lenses in shutters (choice lot)
H90 #3 Rexoette
H91 Kodak Folding View Camera
H92 #5 Cartridge Kodak
H93 Keystone Ferrotype Street Camera
H94 Conley 4 x 5
H96 1A Speed Kodak
H97 Premo Plate Camera
H98 Minolta MG kit
H99 25 cm f5.6 Tele-Optar in Graphex shutter
J1 Pentax Auto 110 outfit in case with accys
J2 50mm 2.8 & 20-40mm 2.8 for Pextax Auto 110
K1 Empire State View Camera with ext. rail
K10 box lot photo books
K11 box lot Kodak cameras
K12 box lot Duoflex & Brownies
K13 Red & Blue Brownie box cameras
K14 4 colored Kodak Starflash cameras
K15 Pocket Kodak box camera
K16 #00 Cartridge Premo
K17 100th Anniversary Palmer Cox disposable camera
K18 Kodak advertising items
K19 Hit cameras & minis
K2 Tamron 300mm f2.8 SP with Minolta T-Mount
K20 toy cameras & minis
K21 Glass tray and Kodak chemistry bottles
K22 wooden tripod
K23 Kodak kites
K24 Kodak 50th anniv. tray and 2 100th anniv. pewter plates
K25 Pentax cast coin bank, misc. Kodaks
K26 box lot Kodak adv. & 72 Olympic Instamatic
K27 3 stereoptican viewers
K28 4 Micro 110s in plexi case
K29 Asst. camera figurines & misc.
K3 JVC Video camcorder
K30 Kodak mirror
K31 2 Kodak retail display units
K32 Premoette
K33 Photographer statue
K34 2 astronaut photographer figures
K4 Minolta Maxxum 7000 w/ 70-210 lens
K5 Minolta 5XI with 50mm
K6 Minolta 700 SI with motor, 80-200 lens
K7 Gift Kodak in orig. wooden box
K8 Hasselblad 500 EL-M outfit, used in "Close Encounters"
K9 Kodak Film flourescent light
L1 Kodak Film display with film boxes
L10 box lot Gralab timer & flash bits
L11 box lot Film & misc.
L12 box lot ViewMaster, etc.
L13 Argus C-44 outfit 3 lenses, vario viewfinder
L14 Filter assortment
L15 box lot adv. items & misc.
L16 box lot Hit camera, misc. cameras
L17 Chromega C700 color enlarger
L2 Kodak display sign
L3 box lot darkroom items
L4 Minolta Auto Meter IIIF
L5 Kodak lapel pins
L6 slide cube projector outfit
L7 box lot Flashes & parts
L8 box lot darkroom & misc.
L9 Kodak adv. cooler
M1 Box lot of Camera cases w Stereo Realist ERC
M10 Box lot slide viewr movie light
M2 Box Lot Argus movie, slide veiwer Canon Copier lenes
M3 Box lot- Olympus OM10 w 50 , Light meter, misc
M4 Box lot Polaroid w 600 film
M5 Box lot Lens & camera cases
M6 Box lot Lens & camera cases
M7 Box lot camera cases
M8 Box lot- Filters slides trays & access
M9 Box lot paper & trays
O1 Kodak No 4 String Set in orig wood crate ROUGH!
O10 Box Lot Graphic parts
O11 Pair of Proejectors argus & stereopticon
O12 Box Lot Gralab timer contact printer misc
O13 Box Lot F&S 8r to 5R Back, 8x10 & 4x5 holders, Parts
O14 Box Lot Polaroids, 35mm PS, parts cameras
O15 Box Lot Graphic & Graflex Parts Bodies, Backs
O16 Box Lot caps hoods timers contax er case
O17 Box Lot Vulcaniod Graphic case w Mecano Spot Meter, Flash
O18 Box Lot Cable releses, Carenar Lenses, lens hoods
O19 Box Lot Military Graphic Halliburton Case w Minolta 7s, misc
O2 Box Lot Replc Straps f Military Graphic kit cases
O20 Box Lot Camera parts & lens elements
O21 Box Lot cases & electronics
O22 Box Lot Harry Potter Argus & misc
O23 Box Lot 4x5 film holders & misc
O24 Box Lot darkroom misc
O25 Box Lot Cases caps, acces
O26 Box Lot Canon T-50 w 50, Mamiya, Minolta
O27 Ham'd Alum Linhof Case w Misc LF Parts & Acess
O28 Box Lot Lens parts barrels, misc
O29 Box Lot Early Box Blair, Kodak
O3 Box Lot Instruction amnuals & Nikon RF Photos
O30 Box Lot Speed Graphics, unkown early 5x7
O31 Box Lot 4x5, 8x5 film holders
O32 Box Lot 4x5 pack and film holders
O33 Box Lot books, Graphics parts, film holders
O34 Box Lot film holders, flashes
O35 Box Lot camera & lens parts
O36 Fitted Med format case
O37 Fitted Speed graphic case
O38 polaroid & misc parts
O39 Camerz School camera
O4 Box Lot 8x10, 5x7 holder Graphic parts
O40 Graphic & graflex parts
O41 tripod
O42 Sharp video camera
O43 5 Graphic body shells baby thru 4x5
O44 Light meters & misc
O45 tripod and tube
O46 Polaroid CU5 & giant aperture assemblies
O47 Lens parts, misc access
O48 Camera books, manuals lit
O49 Camera Parts
O5 Box Lot Graphic & misc parts & film holders
O50 Leica Display stands
O51 Film strip projector
O52 Film Holders & darkroom
O53 Zeiss enlarger
O54 advertising items
O55 Darkroom
O56 Graphic parts & film holders
O57 Cases
O58 Lenses & parts
O59 Misc
O6 Box Lot Graphic & misc parts
O60 fairchild Cine w 4 lenese
O61 2 cases & misc
O62 Flash bulbs
O63 Parts
O64 Box- Choice lot of 12 lenses
O65 Box- Choice lot of 20+ lenses
O66 Minolta SRT Super w 50 f1.4
O67 * Graflex Camera backs
O68 Box Lot 4x5 & 5X7 film holders
O69 Box lot Lens adapter rings
O7 Box Lot Graphic & misc parts & film holders Septums
O70 Box Lot 4x5 & 5X7 film holders
O71 Box lot Vivitar flash acces & aux. lenses
O72 Box lot of cases & misc
O73 Antique scale
O74 Plastic case
O75 Box lot film backs
O76 Box lotSpeed Graphic Parts- wire finders
O77 Box lot safelights & darkroom
O78 Box lot Speed Graphic parts
O79 Box lot misc
O8 Box Lot Time life films strips & misc
O80 Box lot misc
O81 Box lot misc
O82 Box lot misc
O83 Box lot misc
O84 Box lot misc
O85 Box lot misc
O86 Box lot misc
O87 Box lot misc
O88 Box lot misc
O9 Box Lot Misc parts & access
P1 Leica SM 125mm f2.5 Hektor w Caps
P10 Bower 35 w 45mm Cassar f2.8 lens
P11 Balda Baldamatic kit w 3 lenses
P12 Altix w Trioplan 50mm f2.8 Case
P13 Altix w Trioplan 50mm f2.8 Case & Altissa finder
P14 Altix w Trioplan 50mm f2.9
P2 Kodak Bantam Specialw Anastigmat Ektra 45mm lens
P3 Rolleiflex w Zeiss Tessar f3.5
P4 Kodak Signet 80 Kit w 3 lenses 2 flash Case Working meter
P5 Samoa 35III w case Flash
P6 Akarette 35 w Xenar 45mm f2.8
P7 Bolseyflex 120
P8 Bolsey B2 w case. Flash IB
P9 Dejur D-1
T1 Eastman Spreader Flash Pistol
T2 Cine Kodak K-100 Turret 16mm w 3 Lenses
T3 Cine Kodak Model K in Case w 2 lenses
T4 Box Lot of 4 Cine Cameras, Cine Lens & Slide Proj Tripod
Z1 Photographica- Collection of 19 Trade Cards & Print
Z2 Stereoviews over 100 mostly American
Z3 Stereo viewer wi 6 views 1 glass 1 tissue
Z4 Collection of 100s of MiscPhotos- some great treasures
V1 Lot of 2X DIY Wood-n-Brass Folding cameras
V2   Lot of stereo camera, viewers, slides
V3  Lot of TLRs: Kodak, Ciroflex, Spartus
V4  Lot of old cameras in original boxes
V5 Lot of box cameras
V6 Lot of folding cameras
V7  Pentax Auto 110 gift box set
V8 Lot of Mamiya 645 accessories
V9  Pentax 1/21 spot meter
V10 Olympus-35 SP Rangefinder camera
V11 Fujifilm S3 Pro
V12 Fujifilm S2 Pro + 2 lenses
V13 Lot of Nikon 35mm cameras and lenses
V14 Mamiya 7 w/Lens 

Doors open at 12 Noon for preview. Indoor auction with comfortable seating.
All purchases must be removed evening of auction.We accept cash, good Ohio checks with positive ID (no out of state checks), Visa, and Mastercard (5% buyer's premium for Credit Card payments only). Absentee bids will be accepted (10% buyer's premium for absentee bids only).

Mark Van Hook, Auctioneer


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