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  E. Mazo

Elijah Mazo was an Optician, photographer and camera manufacturer operating in Paris beginning in approximately 1880. His firm of E. Mazo was located at 8, Boulevard Magnta, Paris, France. By 1896 the firm expanded to include the adjacent space now consisting of 8 & 10, Bouevard Magenta.

In approximately 1913 E. Mazo partnered with J.B.A. Tauleigne. The two partners improved upon Dr. Taube photographic mordant dye process which removed the sliver-iodide and leaving a transparent dye image (US patent 1,059,917). It produced strongly colored photographs.

In 1921 Mazo and Tauleigne patented a projecting system consisting of a plano-convex parabolic condensing lens of short focus, with a plano-convex lens and a single achromatic lens.

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