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  Iloca Kamera-Werk camera listing

The Ilcoa Kamera-Werk began as the Ilca company in circa 1948 founded by a Mr. Illing of Hamburg, Germany. Shortly thereafter in 1950 Wilhelm Witt of Hamburg took over the company and changed the name to Iloca Kamera-Werk and produced a series of 35mm cameras with the brand name Iloca. On early cameras you can find the name often spelled with a "J" (Jloca) to distinguish it from the small letter "l". Iloca initially manufactured their own lenses in their optical factory in Göttingen, however later cameras used lenses from suppliers such as Steinheil München and Rodenstock. Iloca also sold their cameras to other companies who renamed the cameras, like Sears and Roebuck Company for their Tower line of cameras. Montgomery Ward, Agfa and Graflex also renamed Iloca made cameras. Iloca introduced the first 35mm camera with an integrated electric motor, the Graphic 35 Electric. In 1959 the company ran into supply problems when their shutter supplier would not deliver a large order for the Compur shutters. The lack of parts caused the company to stop work and it eventually became insolvent. Agfa acquired Iloca around this time period of 1960.

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Iloca Camera Listing

Iloca I
Iloca Ia
Iloca II
Iloca IIa
Iloca Automatic
Iloca Electric
Iloca Graphic 35 Electric
Iloca Photrix
Iloca Photrix B
Iloca Photrix B Richard
Iloca Photrix Quick-B
Iloca Photrix Rapid-B2
Iloca Photrix Stereo
Iloca Quick
Iloca Quick (version 2)
Iloca Quick A
Iloca Quick B
Iloca Quick L
Iloca Quick R
Iloca Rapid
Iloca Rapid II
Iloca Rapid II L
Iloca Rapid A1
Iloca Rapid B
Iloca Stereo
Iloca Stereo II

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