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  Zuiho Optical Co.

Zuiho Optical Co. LTD was established in 1956 with the release of the Honor S1 camera. It has been recorded that the Zuiho Optical Co. LTD began as a marketing name for the cameras distributed by Zuiho Kogaku Seiki and manufactured by the Mejiro company. The Mejiro company was specially created to manufacture the Honor S1. After autumn of 1958, no documentation can be found that mention Mejiro with only Zuiho reported as the maker, distributor the manufacturer of the cameras. It is presumed that the Mejiro company was absorbed by the Zuhio company. The company was active in 1964 as a binocular maker.

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Honor S1 Camera (1956 version)

Honor S1 Camera (1957 version)

Honor SL Camera

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