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  Reflex Camera Co. Product Listing

The Reflex Camera company was founded by Lodewijk Jan Rutger Holst, a Dutch camera designer who immigrated to the United States. He initially worked for the Goerz Optical Co. in New York. In approximately 1898 L. J. R. Holst established the Reflex Camera Co. in Yonkers, NY while still working as a Goerz employee. His new firm moved to Jersey City, New Jersey in 1906. Then the firm moved to 262 Morris Avenue, Newark, N.J., at which time he purchased and merged with the Borsum Camera Company. The Borsum Camera Company was founded by German born Louis Borsum who held patents for a Reflex Camera. The The Reflex Camera company closed in 1915 due to stiff competition.

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Focal Plane Postcard Camera

Junior Reflex Camera

Patent Reflex Camera

Reflex Cameras

Roll Film Postcard

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