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  Tella Camera Company

The Tella camera company Limited was founded in 1898 at 110 Shaftesbury Avenue, London WC, with capital of £16,000. The company was launched with the successful introduction of the Tella camera which featured a hand camera capable of accepting a pack of 50 flat films, derived form two patents from Arthur L. Adams. Who became a major share holder in the company.

In 1901 Arthur Adams left the company and took all his financial interest. W.E. Dunmore then owned the firm entirely.

In 1904 Wm. E. Dunmore and Herbert George Chessher are listed as the owners of the Tella camera Co.

In 1907 the company moved to 68 High Holborn and in 1916 it was located at 1 Southampton Row.

In 1908 the company introduced the Tella Reflex camera and was met with limited success. The company also began to advertise being in the business of developing, printing and enlarging negatives for amateur photographers in addition to selling bargain second hand cameras.

In 1909 Herbert George Chessher patented a reflex camera and shutter.

In 1910 the company introduced the "Tiny Tella" Reflex camera.

After the introduction of the "Tiny Tella" not much was recorded from the firm except a few advertisements indicating the firm was continuing to sell bargain second hand cameras. It is unknown when the company dissolved.

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