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  Sanwa Co. Ltd. Camera Listing (Sanwa Shokai)

Sanwa Shokai was an exclusive distributor for the Mycro subminiture camera from 1941 to c1950s. The Sanwa Company was located in Tokyo, Japan. The Mycro cameras were originally manufactured by the Akita Seisakusho in the 1930s and distributed by various companies prior to Sanwa obtaining exclusive rights. During the Sanwa period the cameras were marked with Sanwa Co. Ltd. of Japan and also US distributor Mycro Camera company of New York. The Mycro Camera Co. also distributed the Mycro Myracle II subminiature camera made by Sugaya Koki, Sugaya Optical Co. of Japan and the round Petal subminiature camera originally made by St. Peter Optical Company.

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Mycro ( Original )


Mycro II

Mycro IIIA

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