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  ADOX Camera Listing

In 1860, Heidelberg University student Carl Schleussner (1830-1899) set up a laboratory in Frankfurt that initially specialized in pharmaceuticals. However, the focus changed when Dr. Schleussner was introduced to Dr. Richard Leach Maddox's dry plate invention in ... (read more)

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Adox 300
Adox 35
Adox 66
Adox Blitz
Adox I
Adox II
Adrette I
Adrette II
Gnome 35
Golf 45 S
Golf 63
Golf 63 S
Golf I
Golf IA
Golf IA Rapid
Golf IIa
Golf IIIa
Golf IV (6x6)
Polo 1, 1S
Polo 2
Polomat 1
Polomat 1S
Polomat 2
Polomatic 2
Polomatic 3
Polomatic 3 C
Polomatic 3S
Sport 0
Sport I
Sport Ia
Sport II
Sport IIa
Sport III
Sport IIIa
Sport Rouge
Super Start
Trumpf I
Trumpf II

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