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  Bolsey Corporation of America

The Bolsey Corporation of America was founded in 1947 by a well-known Ukrainian camera designer Jacques Bolsey (Bogopolsky) working in Geneva, Switzerland. He designed the successful Bolex movie camera and the Alpa still camera in Switzerland. In 1930 Jacques sold the business to Paillard. in approximately 1939 Bosley immigrated to the united states and founded the Bolsey Corporation of America. The Bolsey Corporation found many success in camera and movie camera design and sales. The company was also an important supplier of photo equipment to the U.S. military during the Second World War. After Jacques Bolsey death in 1962, the company slowly dissolved.

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Bolsey 8
Bolsey 8 Uniset
Bolsey A
Bolsey B
Bolsey B (Red)
Bolsey B2
Bolsey B2 (Airforce)
Bolsey B2 (Army)
Bolsey B2 red
Bolsey B22
Bolsey B3
Bolsey BB Special
Bolsey C
Bolsey C22
Bolsey Explorer
Bolsey Jubilee
Bolsey La Belle Pal
Bolsey Reflex 35mm ( Model A, G, & H)

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