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  C. F. Foth & Co.

The C. F. Foth & Co. was founded as an optical and mechanical company in approximately 1925. It was originally located in Danzig (Gdansk) in a building that was previously producing gun and munitions for world war 1. Danzig was located within the Polish corridor where the German population eventually forced the annexation by Germany in 1939. C. F. Foth & Co. was also established in Berlin at Cottbusser Damm. 25-26 in approximately 1926. In 1928 the Berlin factory moved to Berlin-Britz Grade StraBe 91-107 until 1932 and then finally to Berlin-Buchholz, PankStrasse 1-3 until its dissolution in the early 1940s. The company was popular for not only producing the Derby cameras but also radio headphones, binoculars and optical lens and equipment. The company also had a business established in Paris, France as C.F. Foth & Cie, however the exact dates of operation are unknown. Advertisements were somewaht inconsistent between the various versions of cameras and so sometimes interpretation and range required to identify models.

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Celas As de Trefle
Derby (original)
Derby (version 2)
Derby Super Speed (version 3)
Derby Deluxe (Luxus)
Derby II w/CRF / Super-Derby (French mfg.)
Derby II w/CRF (USA mfg.)
Foth-Flex Deluxe
Foth-Flex II
Foth-Flex II Deluxe
Foth Plate Camera
Foth Plate Camera Deluxe (Luxus)
Rollfilm Camera
Rollfilm Deluxe Camera (Luxus)
Springkamera Deluxe (Luxus)

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