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  E. Suter, Optische Anstalt Cameras

The Optical Institute of Emil Suter (Optische Anstalt E. Suter) was established in 1878 in the city of Basel, Switzerland. The company produced high quality lens and parts, in which they were able to sell wholesale to various camera manufacturers, like Mackenstein of Paris, German manufacturer Ica and Murer & Duroni of Italy. They began selling brass barrel lens and later sold lens that would be mounted on various shutters. Emil Suter also had its own line of cameras which are less well known, but still of high quality and some are uniquely designed. The company grew into a large industrial photographic manufacturer, the first of its kind in Switzerland and became well known throughout the world. The Optische Anstalt E. Suter AG survived for over 125 years and finally ceased operations in 2005.

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Colibri Stereo

Detective Magazine


Focal Primar

Folding 9x12 Suter

Folding 13x18 Suter

Folding Pocket Baby

Folding Universal


Klapp Camera

Klapp Stereo Camera



Minuscule Suter

Muro Suter

Nanna Stereo

Polyscope Suter





Stereo Muro

Swiss Box


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