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Historic Camera


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Graflex Camera Product Listing

datasheet_loginCLICK HERE for an icon listing of Graflex Cameras

Auto Graflex
Auto Graflex Junior
Compact Graflex
Graflex Fingerprint Camera
Graflex 1A
Graflex 3A
Home Portrait Graflex
National Graflex, Series I (1933 1935)
National Graflex, Series II (1934 1941)
Naturalist Graflex
Press Graflex
Reversible Back Graflex
Revolving Back Auto Graflex
Revolving Back Cycle Graflex
Graflex Series B
Revolving Back Series B
Revolving Back Series C
Revolving Back Series D
Revolving Back Super B (1946 1963)
Revolving Back Super D
Stereo Auto Graflex
Stereo Reflex Graflex
Telescopic Revolving Back Auto Graflex
Tourist Graflex

Century Graphic
Combat Graphic (1942 1946)
Crown Graphic
Cycle Graphic
Cycle Graphic Senior
Folding Pocket Graphic Camera
Graphic Camera
Graphic Senior
No. 0 Graphic
Reversible Back Graphic Special
Speed Graphic
Stereoscopic Graphic
Telescopic Graphic
Telescopic Graphic Junior
Telescopic Stereo Graphic
Triple Lens Stereo Graphic
Twin Lens Graphic Camera
Twin Lens Graphic Special

CLICK HERE for a history of the Folmer & Schwing Mfg Company (aka Graflex Inc.)

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