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Jonathan Fallowfield Camera Listing

The Jonathan Fallowfield Photographic Chemical and Material warehouse was established in 1856 by Jonathan Fallowfield, located at the Lower Marsh, Wakley Street, Lambeth. Jonathan Fallowfield was a chemist by trade who ... (read more)

CLICK HERE for an icon listing of Fallowfield cameras

Alacrity Camera
Autodell Ferrotype Attachment
C.X.R. Camera
Collapsible Hand Camera
Colonial Camera
Criterion Camera
Cyclists Hawkmoth No. 0
Dry Plate Camera
Facile Camera
Falloroll Camera
Fallowfield Camera
Fallowflex Camera
Focusing Facile Camera
Improved long Focus
New Pattern Cheap Square
New Pattern Cheap Taper
Perceptus Camera
Peritus Camera
Pocket or Satchel Camera
Popular Ferrotype Camera
Premier Hand Camera
Primus Camera
Rapid Hand Camera
Stereo Hand Camera
Takuquick Ferrotype Camera
Taquta Camera
Zoka Camera

CLICK HERE for the history of the Jonathan Fallowfield Company.

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